hurling by Niall

we were playing ballygunner in gracedieu. we got the first point and i thought well what a start. ballygunner got the next one then before i knew it  was over over we lost.The next match was against Tramore in Tramore We won.We played Mount Sion next in Gracedieu we won buy a lot.We were told we would play Mount Sion next in the semi final we won but but not by as much we are now in the final. we will play Ballygunner in the final on saturday in Welsh park.

3 thoughts on “hurling by Niall”

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge Niall! That sounds like a pretty exciting couple of games of hurling that you played. I think that the final is going to be a real thriller of a game. I hope you win!!! A great effort with your story this week and I’m already looking forward to next week. Well done Niall!

  2. Hi Niall, Sounds to me like you’re part of a fantastic Hurling Team. I don’t know much about hurling other than over the bar for a point and into the goal for a… well… a goal!! Well done on reaching the final. I hope your team is the winning one!

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