Hurling final 2016 by J.J.

I was in Croke Park it was a sunny afternoon.It was Sunday. It was             Waterford vs Tipperary, the first Sunday of September. Myself, my dad and my mother travelled to Croke Park to see my brother play for Waterford. It was a beautiful day, no better day for Waterford to win the All Ireland. My dad had told me before we left that we hadnt one an All Ireland in many years, even Arsenal had won a trophy during that period of time… Walking to my seat i could hear the announcer name the teams and i heard my brother being called out! I was so proud!! As soon as the ball was thrown in i heard the clash of the hurleys and before I knew it, i woke up in my bed and got ready for school.. What a dream!

3 thoughts on “Hurling final 2016 by J.J.”

  1. Hmmm… I’m not sure how that dig at The Arsenal found its’ way into a hurling story… but all the same, it’s a great story! What an awesome dream – I hope it comes true for you some day 🙂 Good work JJ!

  2. Ah come on J.J. – you had me well and truly sucked in there. You told this story so brilliantly I really thought it was true! You’ve given a wonderful account of your day in Dublin at the All Ireland Finals. You even managed to get in a little dig at Arsenal here! (You wouldn’t be trying to upset Mr. Russell by any chance would you??). Excellent story This is my favourite one so far this week – and I’ve read several.

  3. Hi JJ,
    I love stories about the All Ireland Finals as I am an avid GAA supporter myself – Mind You Cork haven’t done too well the last few years but I can still DREAM. I can imagine how proud your family was to have a brother playing in Croke Park. Hopefully it might come true someday
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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