HURICAN OPHilia hit Ireland

On the 16 th of October hurricane opilia hit Ireland with very bad winds and heavy  rain . In Waterford  a woman got killed in a car when a tree branch struck the woman in the car and the passenger wasn’t badly injured in the incident. Then in Tipperary a man was killed after he was trying to clear the falling tree when      he was injured by a chainsaw . And in  tramor Waterford it was very  bad flooding  and the police  told the people to get a way  from the airea . And the  esb wer very buisy after the hurricane  and they still have to  get the electricity  back to  10030 000 thousand  houses all across the country. And France ??  England and Scotland .  It was the worst hurricane  in Ireland since 1961 and  loads of people were whit out. And loads of people were with out power and supplies like water and food before the hurricane hit Ireland loads of people  were in loads of shops and hurricane ended the next day and hope we don’t get a nother storm ⛈  like this agen




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  1. Hi Nathan!
    I liked how you did it about a storm because, I didn’t think about doing a piece about a storm. Also, my piece was about someone having a problem but mine had dialogue in it. Secondly, I think you could maybe add dialogue next time to make it more interesting. Lastly, if you did add dialogue who would be the people be talking and about what?

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