house of horror by dan part 1

One day there were kids going down a street called jimmybillybob street . There was a house of horror that took place on the street. Everyone on the street heard a strange noise coming out of the house. The kids were fooling around and one of the kids got pushed in to the house of horror . The kid dared all of them to come into the house and  see if it was so scary.  They went in to a room, the lights were on, they don’t know how they got on, suddenly all the lights went out, someone was in the room.

3 thoughts on “house of horror by dan part 1”

  1. Hi Dan
    I really enjoyed reading your story it was really good.
    This reminds me of a episode of scooby doo it was the time that
    Every one went in the tour of the house of the future and its like
    The house has its own brain and starts to haunt everyone and its
    Up to scooby and shagy to find out who it really was but it was not
    A who but it was only an it .please comment on my story it is called running from a murderer here is the link . Can’t wait to hear part 2.
    Please tell your teacher thanks for the comment she sent me please.
    Your sincerely Julius mrs Boyce’s class.

  2. Another haunted house… and it’s not even Halloween! I wonder who was in the room with them, Dan? Maybe it was someone playing a prank? I hope so! Keep up the good writing!

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