The Horrible Restaurant by Adam

It was a lovely day so me and my family decided to go to a restaurant. It was only one star, but we said we’d give it a go anyway. We went in and it didn’t look that good. We sat down and a waiter came and asked”what would you like”. We said we’d like the chicken. “Ok” said the waiter. He came back with what looked like a load of rubbish. “EWWWW” said my sister. “It’s disgusting”. I just couldn’t eat something so revolting. We left straight away and never came back. We reported the restaurant because of its poor conditions.


One thought on “The Horrible Restaurant by Adam”

  1. Hello Adam
    I really enjoyed your story
    It reminds of what happened to me one time in a restaurant
    10 out of 10
    Adam Mrs. Boyce’s class

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