The Haunted Theme Park by Eoin

Many years ago, in a forgotten island called Bobby Island, a whole theme park exploded, with the millions of visitors sadly parishing. The owner of the park made sure no one knew about it, but I found out and I’m about to go there and explore the haunted theme park. 2 days later, I finally made it and I made my way to the Terror Tower ride. But suddenly all the lights went out and I was absolutely terrified. I heard noises coming from the tracks and went to find out what it was. And I saw……

3 thoughts on “The Haunted Theme Park by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin,
    I like your story. It reminds me of a movie I watched.
    It’s a bit sad the way you fitted in the prompt.
    Good story, keep it up, here is a link to my blog
    by Jamie

  2. What a terrifying story that you’ve written this week Eoin! I don’t think that I’d have gone to that theme park to find out! I must say I hope that there’s a part 2 as I really want to know what you saw! Keep up the great writing!

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