Haunted House by Reyad

It was a cold sday.Me and my brother were  painting.After painting we were both hungry.I went undder the steel table to get mauve carrots when I reached for the carrots I bangged my head on the table my brother was laughing so much he was tearful so my brother was cooking we both ate.We went back painting we heard someone on the door I went on the cctv camera to check who was there there was nobody there. I got out of the house I went to my other brother house we ate over there and we watched a film. TO BE CONTINUED.


One thought on “Haunted House by Reyad”

  1. I hope that after a bang on the head that you got to see a good film Reyad! Was your brother cooking anything nice? I hope so! It might help you to feel better after a bump on the head. Good work, well done!

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