The haunted house by Jack.M

Me and my friends were outside.There is a haunted house on my street so we decided to go in.We opened the doors and gingerly walked in.It was bright outside however is was really dark inside.We went upstairs and discovered a remarkable gem it was bright yellow.We went to a science lab to see what it is.It turns out it was brandonium.Suddenly a huge crash happened outside.It was brandon.He was back I had to do something.I used the brandonium and brandon turned into dust.”That should be the end of brandon.For now!!”said Jack.Just as I said that the dust turned back into brandon.

3 thoughts on “The haunted house by Jack.M”

  1. Hi Jack.
    This was a great story.
    I wonder what was up with Brandon.
    It reminded me of gems.
    Seanmcs ms Boyce’s class.
    I would like you to comment on my story’s asswell.

  2. Hi Jack that was a great story this week and I cant wait to hear more of your stories.
    You must like writing about Halloween and I do too.
    Please come back and visit my blog and I will visit yours.
    Shane C Mrs. Boyces Class.

  3. Brandonium seems to be popping up a lot… and from the end of your story, it seems that Brandon has found a way to protect himself from it. Maybe he’s invincible now! That ending is kind of a cliffhanger… I wonder what happens next?!? Keep up the good work!

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