WK16: Hand Invaders

It was a normal Sunday evening and my dog started barking. I looked up to the sky and I saw a object flying above me. I was scared but curious what it was, a weird looking hand. “I have a message for all humans, I am one of 100 million of hand creatures if you do not bow down to our king Handkra we will execute every human in the world “. I thought this was a dream but no no no it was the start of a war between the humans and the hand creatures, cause someone refused to bow to the king. The war went on for 20 days but the humans won the war

4 thoughts on “WK16: Hand Invaders”

  1. Whew! How lucky that the humans won the war… but what a silly reason to go to war, for not bowing to a hand! Good story this week Ben, I have to “hand” it to you!!!!! Well done!

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