Halloween Night by Karim

On Halloween night, Amelia and Adam were going trick or treating. Adam dressed up as a wild west, assassin jedi outlaw. Amelia dressed up as the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The material felt like silk on both costumes. There were going from house to house each getting the same amount of candy.┬áBut what they didn’t know was that one of the houses of haunted and they knocked on the door but no one came so they went in. They decided to look around they went into one of the rooms. Suddenly Amelia screamed aaaaaahhhhhhh! The children bolted out of the house and never returned. When they got home they called the CIA and told them about the house and it all goes the house down bulldozed the house down.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Night by Karim”

  1. Hi Karim the children must have been scared. Why did they go to the haunted house? I like how you told this story. I liked this story and would like to hear more of your stories. Shane C Mrs. Boyces Class.

  2. Hi Karim
    I loved your story of two children who told the cia to bulldoze the haunted house.
    It reminds me of a story I wrought a year ago.
    Has this ever happend to you.
    Mrs boyce class.

  3. Hi Karim
    I Loved your story I wonder what happend after they called they C.I.A.
    I wonder who owned the house was it a ghost?
    I loved your story bye. Shane F Mrs boyces class

  4. Hi Karim. Those Halloween costumes sound fantastic! What costume will you wear for Halloween? Now I have to say, I do think Amelia and Adam were cheeky to enter the house just because nobody came to the door. What did Amelia see when she went into that room? Maybe it was someone who just wanted to teach her a lesson for intruding and scared her? I do hope the house was empty when it was bulldozed by the CIA! Great imagination Karim. Enjoy Halloween!

  5. Hi Karim. All children love to dress up nice silky clothes for Hallowe’en and go trick or treating.
    I don’t think I’d be brave (or maybe foolish) enough to go into an empty house.
    I wonder what Amelia saw?
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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