goal by evan

Gooooal .Wait lets recap a bit.So my name is Stan string im a footballer . I play for city cross we are in the cup final and im agenist the fighters their star player is Bruce lee.  He has the fire kick  it neer misses the he has one million goals and the fighters  are first. The macth startes the fighters run with the ball.We get the ball then they passed the ball to me I looked in front and behind which way.defenders everyway I shoot I miss the goal Bruce lee shoots he scores 1-0 89;00 minutes in 1 minute left I get the ball. I shoot I score from the half way line 1-1 the end.

2 thoughts on “goal by evan”

  1. A super story Evan and some really clever names used for the characters in your story too! I really like the way your goal rescued a draw for your team – usually, I read about last minute goals being the winner! Keep up the super writing!

  2. Hi,Evan
    I like your story you are really good at writing story’s,
    I like the way you use Bruce Lee as your Character,

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