My football dream By Keith

As I drifted off to sleep I found myself dreaming of the terrible game of football that our team had played that day. The game had finished 3-nil!
If only our star player was there on the day we would of won, but since this was a dream of course we did. He flew around the pitch like lightning scoring goals like a real pro, we won the game 5-nil!
The following morning, I woke up and I remembered it was just a dream. The next night, Kevin said he would never miss another game again. He didn’t, we won every game since!

3 thoughts on “My football dream By Keith”

  1. Hi Keith,
    Your team totally wrecked to opposite team in your dream.
    What made you dream about it?, were you thinking about a match before you fell asleep?
    Anyways why didn’t Kevin go to matches before?
    I like the way you mentioned the star player I never thought of using it in that way
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  2. Super story Keith! What a great dream to have – and to not lose a game again, to have the dream come true must have been amazing! Well done!

  3. Glad you won your match Keith, but then I suppose the match couldn’t go any other way in a dream could it? I like how you describe the star player flying around the pitch ‘like lightning’.

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