The Fish Race by Habib

The day has come. It was time for the fish race. The most intense race in the sea world. All the fastest fish came. The fish were pumped up for the race. They were ready for the race. But in the flash of lighting I saw Flash Fish. He was the fastest fish in the whole entire sea world. He was ready and pumped for he race. The race was about to commence. On your marks get set go! The race started. But the fish were confused because there were obstacles everywhere. There were mines everywhere. If one fish triggered any mine all of them would go off. So everybody fled.

2 thoughts on “The Fish Race by Habib”

  1. Hi Habib,
    I loved your story, I wonder what type of fish was the Flash Fish.
    The Flash Fish sounds really fast, I also wonder who won the race, I hope someone else won then Flash Fish, because it sounds like he always win.
    Great work this week Habib.
    By Lily

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