3am Madness part 1

One Night In A Hotel Room A Kid Called Jack Heard A Weird Sound Outside The Room. The Time Was 3am. Jack Slowely Opened The Door Then There Was A Loud Scream Coming From The Ground Floor. Jack Walked down The Hallway And Went Down The Stairs. When Jack Came Down The Whole Ground Floor Was Red. Jack Called 911 The Police Came. When They Went Into The Hotel The Only Thing They Saw Was Red. Then There Was A Guy Holding A Knife And Before He Could Take Another Step…The Police Were Right Behind Him They Caght Him Put The Killer In Jail THE END…So What Lies Ahead…lets see next time….

3 thoughts on “3am Madness part 1”

  1. Hi filip loved your story about the bad guy getting caught well done enjoy your story


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