my favourite thing i

MY  favourite  thing has four legs  and  it has fur and every time you’re gone to bed it sleeps outside  or inside   and it is very lovable. And  it is very hard to take care and it can go into a cage and get transported.  THEN it can go to races and  the owner  can win trophies and placket . And it can  Have babies  and the it can have five or six babies. They have racing tracks in England and America. The babies can grow up very  fast  they can grow quicker than human babies  and they can run fast when they are babies and  they need needles they have to have two injections   and  they grew  up and have a good life.











10 thoughts on “my favourite thing i”

  1. Hi Nathan
    I like your story because you give alot of information.
    I think is a Greyhound.
    What is the dogs name?
    Goodbye from Marc
    Mrs.Boyces class

  2. Hi Nathan,
    I like the way the description is fantastic and I think you favourite thing is a greyhound and I hope you write more stories.Please comment on m story on hptss://

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Wow Nathan, that’s a tough one! Thankfully you’ve written a really good description about your precious thing, and that helped me to have a guess… is it a greyhound? I think that it might be but I’ll have to ask you to be sure! Keep up the great effort!

  4. Goodness Nathan, I’m not sure!
    At first, I thought it was a dog, then a horse but now I’m muddled up!
    That means you have done a great job with this piece of writing because the idea was to keep your readers guessing and you certainly did that!

  5. Well done Nathan I loved your story at first I thought it was a dog but then I thought it was a horse but all the same great story

  6. Well done Nathan, I think you’ve described a greyhound. You’ve done a great job with your description. I thought it was just a dog at first, but then you described how it could run races and win trophies. It made me think of my dog, she’s a miniature Jack Russell. I don’t think she would ever win a race, perhaps a barking competition, but not a race!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  7. Hi Nathan,

    Well done on using some great descriptive language to describe your most treasured item. I think it is a dog. I wonder what his name is? Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee

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