€1 Day in Tramore “by J.J.”

It was €1 day in Tramore Amusement Park. I went out with my friends and their parents. The weather was not good, it was cloudy and dull and i thought well what a start. My friends and I went on the Waltzers first but my friend Alex got sick all over Alyssa who was sitting next to him then Alex had to go home….

Next my friend Conor and I went on the roller coaster, there was a loop the loop and it was the best roller coaster I ever went on in Ireland. Then   we went on the Future Dance,that ride goes round and round up and down. Later on we got chips….


4 thoughts on “€1 Day in Tramore “by J.J.””

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge JJ! It sounds like the weather didn’t matter and that you had a great time in Tramore! I’m left feeling hungry after your last line. I thionk I’ll go out now and get some chips!! I’m already looking forward to reading what you will write about next week. Well done JJ!

  2. Hi J.J. Your story has made me laugh. I can bet your friends haven’t been the only people to be ill on the waltzers. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have similar stories to tell. Do you like roller coasters? I love them. I’ve been on some amazing ones in America and the one in Tayto Park is fairly nerve wracking too!
    I like the sound of the chips too J.J. I bet you went to Dooleys? Dooleys is a favourite in this house!

  3. Hi JJ,
    I enjoyed reading your first 100-word challenge. Well done!
    Poor, poor Alyssa – and Alex of course!
    I’m glad you and your friends had fun in Tramore.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce,

  4. Hi J.J. it sounds like you had some fun in Tramore. I don’t know how people go on those rides, I’m not able for them at all. Even looking at them makes me dizzy, so I can understand what happened to your poor pals!
    I hope everybody had a great day in the end.

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