Dublin Zoo by Radek

It was sunny day.On Friday we go to Dublin Zoo at 9:45a.m My mum gave me 50 EURO I said goodbye and We went to bus and we go to Dublin. After journey we go to Dublin Zoo. I saw Lions,Pandas,Koalas,Snakes,Elephants,Hippopotamus,Tigers,Zebras and lots of Fish.I saw Penguins is well.The best pet is a Bat. Bat show me his house. I am very happy for that. I do 98 photos and I show photos my family.After Zoo we go to restaurant.In the restaurant teacher said: Boys if you have money you can byu what do you like. I bought Pizza I ate Pizza with my friend Ryan. After restaurant we went to bus.I am sad like all people.But that was the best expedistion on the world.At home I show photos My Dad and Mum is very happy. The End

Story was By Radek

2 thoughts on “Dublin Zoo by Radek”

  1. Well… that sounds like an absolutely awesome day out Radek! I wish I had been on that trip! And you took lots of photos too – that’s always a good idea, so you can keep memories of the day. Another great story, well done!

  2. Hi Radek. This is a fantastic account of your ‘Day At The Zoo’. I was at the Zoo earlier this Summer and you’ve described it EXACTLY as I remember it. I saw all those wonderful animals too. My favourite animal is the Penguin. I just love the way they waddle around and I love watching programmes about their behaviour. I’m not so keen on bats, but I believe they’re fascinating. You’ve described your day brilliantly. I really enjoyed reading this and I’m already looking forward to next week’s story.

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