A dream of chocolate by Ryan. G Copy

Once there was a boy called jake and he was 10 years old,it was time for bed so he snuggled under his blanket and After 10 minutes he fell asleep,suddenly he is in a dream he looks around and he sees a sign saying Charlie and the chocolate factory,so Jake says to him self “Should i go and have a look” then he says chocolate “im doing this for you!”So he goes in and suddenly he sees a huge pool of chocolate and he dunks his head under the chocolate,but suddenly he hears foot steps behind suddendly a voice says to Jake “WHAT ARE YOURE DOEING IN MY FACTORY?” Then Jake says “i was just getting chocolate” but eventually he wakes up and moans “i wish that was real” but then Charlie appears beside and says “it is… Come with me”

2 thoughts on “A dream of chocolate by Ryan. G Copy”

  1. Hi Ryan, I really enjoyed your story – and I especially like the ending which has a little twist to it. That factory sure sounds wonderful. I’d like to visit there myself!

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