WK7: Dr nuke

Doom! Dr nuke had set off one of his bomb but be for it could me Jamie and Dr nuke ran out the doors and as the door slammed I knew it would be a tough fight. Dr nukes diabolical plan was to set off a nuke in the middle of London but I have no intention of letting that happen. I traveled to his secret base and turning the nuke off. So I am going to set off I’ve finally arrived and are going to stop him. He had started the count down 10 9 8 7 I have got to stop the bomb suddenly the bomb stopped and I tide Dr nuke up. I saw a mysterious figure fly away.

6 thoughts on “WK7: Dr nuke”

  1. Nice story Jamie Hmmm I also wonder Who the mysterious Person flying away was.Anyway great story ???????


  2. Hi Jamie
    A very exciting story with Dr. Nuke. You were really brave. I am wondering what the mysterious figure was?

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