Dr. Loren pt 2 by Ed

Dr. Loren was dead . “Well” said Ken . “How do we deal with this tearful situation”.  He started to look at the wine again . It was a mauve colour and it smelt of carrots . Ken looked under her for clues. Suddenly he noticed that poodles favourite food was carrots and she was the one who made the wine. He talked to his mam for a moment . “Does aunt Loren have any allergies ” said Ken . “Yes one , I Think she is  allergic to carrots .” Said mam. Ken said to everyone ” The murderer is –    “Poodles” said poodles. Everybody stared. That’s right I taught my self to talk, And I killed her because she always made me feel embarrassed. “You’re under arrest” said Ken.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Loren pt 2 by Ed”

  1. Hi Ed. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Admittedly I had to revert to part one to understand what was going on, but then everything made perfect sense. It reminds me of a novel I read about a Scientist who tries to rear a monkey as an actual member of the family. That didn’t turn out too well either! You used great imagination and well done on including the link to the previous story.

  2. Poor Poodles – or maybe not poor Poodles?!?! Another mystery is solved Ed! Keep up the good work!

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