Detective Habib By-Maksim

Once When Habib Was working in an  robbery  of the (majestical sacred book of spells in the museum of Magical Artifacts) He was trying to find notes/finger prints he found a note under the perfectly laid glass that said “Dear SANCHEZ WAT R DOSE? nah JJ im jast sayin u gotta find me in New pork(AND THE BOOK ASWELL MUHAHAHA)”then he thought where could that be and he asked the old butcher and he said it was down the road!
and after all that A bell rang and it was just actually just a dream in the classroom and he got in trouble for a long time and guess what? he never went to sleep at 2:00pm again

4 thoughts on “Detective Habib By-Maksim”

  1. What an amazing adventure Maksim! So exciting and so many questions to ask… and then he wakes up! I hope he wasn’t in too much trouble but it does sound like he won’t be falling asleep in class again!! Good work, well done!

  2. All I can say is it must’ve been a very boring day for Habib to fall asleep in class. I wouldn’t say that happens very often. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the majestical sacred book of spells!

    1. Yes Me either ive been thinking of this in class time so i got the idea to do it with habibs name! -Maksim And thankyou for having your time reading my story

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