The cup final a cold cold day De La Salle vs Ferry Bank . 2030 11/11/30 the line up for De La Salle is Caedyn on the wing and Ted on the other and the rest are robots .Ferry Bank line up are pro gamers controlling there robots. .kick off BANG straight in the game bot 44 passes to Ted Ted sets up Caedyn I looked in front and behind which  way forward shoot cried Ted noting could stopped it was perfect Goal .Ref blows the whistle DE LA SALLE WIN THE CUP.

2 thoughts on “THE CUP FINAL BY CAEDYN”

  1. Sure sounds like an action packed game Caedyn even if there only was one goal. Sometimes the best games only have the one goal! Well done on writing your story this week 🙂

  2. Well done on an action packed story Caedyn. You’ve done a great job writing an exciting story. I’m glad that Waterford won (especially against Ferrybank!) Don’t forget to read over your story to check for punctuation!
    Ms Brennock

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