Crocodile madness

A professor had a difficult task. He had to make a potion. He made a potion to make a crocodile change colour. The professor wanted to change the crocodile’s skin purple. The crocodile twisted and turned. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. The crocodile escaped and broke out of the lab and went into the town. Everybody was told to evacuate to their roofs as the crocodile could not climb stairs. The potion made the crocodile very strong. The crocodile was eventually captured and put in the zoo so everybody could visit the crazy purple crocodile .The professor never tried that experiment again.

5 thoughts on “Crocodile madness”

  1. We loved your story .hope to see more of your great
    Story’s very soon

    Aimee Sarah
    Sacred heart ps

  2. Great story Ben I love the way you can go and see the purple crocodile I would love to go and see this amazing crocodile. Keep the great work up.

    -Ben Q

  3. Hi Ben,
    I’m glad the professor never tried that experiment again.
    Luckily they managed to capture the crocodile.
    Good work this week. Well done!
    Mrs Boyce

  4. I’m so glad he never tried that experiment again Ben! I’ll bet that the professor would be thinking the same thing! Clever thinking to send everyone to the roof too. Great work, well done!

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