Crazy town

In an crazy town there was a mad perfesser every day the perfesser would do something crazy the craziest thing he did was maked the town purple  it was a diffaclit town to live in people will never go visit the town it was how can I tell you today I was worried because the perfesser didn’t do anything crazy yet so i,ll be so worried I’m thinking of moving out of this town to be updated



5 thoughts on “Crazy town”

  1. Hi there Bradley we liked the part of the story when he turned the town purple hope you will make more funny story’s

  2. It was very interesting and funny I like the way the professor was crazy.
    Callum and Alan
    6th class
    Sacred Heart

  3. I like your story but don’t forget capital letters and your punctuations.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  4. That sounds like a really crazy town alright Bradley! I hope that the professor doesn’t do anything too silly.

    *Remember to read back over your story and look for capital letters and full stops – and to check that you’ve included all the prompt words. You missed the words twisted and crocodile!

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