Clever Brian by Jack k

Once upon a time there was a boy named Brian and he was being hunted by a gang named the mad men. And they wanted to capture him because he was the cleverest boy ever and the mad men.Wanted him to crack open a chest with the softest material in the world.It is worth millions and they kidnapped him when he went to sleep on a Monday night.They brought him to their lair in space.And when they got there left and went to where the chest was.When they got there they made Brian open the chest and he did but Brian knew that they would do this and he replaced it with a towel and the material felt like a hard rough towel.

2 thoughts on “Clever Brian by Jack k”

  1. Well sounds to me like the clever boy that Brian was, managed to pull the wool over their eyes! I bet they were shocked to discover a rough towel in place of the material they had expected. I’d say it made the ‘Mad Men’ even madder when they realised they had been duped! Great story Jack.

  2. Well done Jack!
    Brian sounds like the cleverest boy ever.
    I wonder what happened when the Mad Men realised he had made the switch?
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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