Chernobyl by Adam

One day at a power plant in Chernobyl there was a horrible accident. Over night, one of the containers wasn’t being looked after and the slime dripped through the rings on the container. This caused horrible amounts of radiation. So everyone that lived near the power plant had to evacuate. After the accident you were aloud to go back and take some of your belongings. But you would only be aloud yo stay, without a gas mask on, for an hour. If you stayed any longer you would get a radiation disease and die in a few years time. Still to this day, kids from Chernobyl are being sent to Ireland for medical attention.

2 thoughts on “Chernobyl by Adam”

  1. Hi Adam I liked your story but it had some typos because it said yo instead of to but it was fun to read. Its like my story. next time check your spelling.

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