Charlies Dream By Abraham

Charlie was asleep one night.He had a scary dream his dream was about a cat always starring at him when he went to brush his teeth but instead he was thinking about a man starring in at him.”Ahhh he shouted”and he woke up he was scared he “cried mom no answer cried dad no answer”he was scared so 1hour later his mom and dad came back he shouted “mom dad your finnally back I had terrible dream but but ye guys are probbibly will not beilieve me so I am not going to bother telling ether of you we will beilieve you no ye will not we will ok so I had a dream of a cat starring at me what alot of rubbish said his parents” to be continued …

3 thoughts on “Charlies Dream By Abraham”

  1. Wow, Abraham, his parents were a bit harsh to say it was all rubbish! Maybe he was dreaming? What is this mysterious cat up to though, he sounds creepy. I hope my cat doesn’t decide to start behaving like that!!! Good work, well done!

  2. Hi Abraham. If I had a dream about a cat it would be a nightmare. I detest those creatures. I HATE the way they sneak around and purr!!! I’m totally with Charlie here. If a cat was staring at me I’d be crying looking for someone to rescue me too…

  3. Poor Charlie – I can’t but feel sorry for him.
    I think his parents are neglecting him a little. Sometimes dreams can seem very real and can be upsetting.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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