Charlie and the BFG

Charlie he lived with his parents and grandparents in a small house. One night he dreamed about living in a world with no limits. He dreamt that his grandparents were young and his parents had everything they wanted. Suddenly he heard a magnificent sneeze! He jumped out of bed and saw the Bfg. He was about to scream but the Bfg said “I can give you, your parents and grandparents everything you want just let me go. You can call me anytime you want”. “Ok ” said Charlie. With a click of the Bfg’s finger everything they wanted magically happened and the Bfg was gone aswell ” Thank you” said Charlie.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl


5 thoughts on “Charlie and the BFG”

  1. WOW really Nice WORK wish that happened to me xD really like it and that’s really nice to do if it was real and every kid could see bfg in real life UNLESS he would be big fat giant xD and scare kids then no way! -Maksim BTW KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  2. Hi there – I really enjoyed reading this story – Well done!
    It gave me that lovely warm feeling inside.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could live in a world without limits?
    Super work – Looking forward to reading more – only you’ll have to leave a name somewhere so I can find your work.
    Mrs Boyce

  3. What a fantastic story, Karim! And to use TWO of Roald Dahl’s characters – what an inspired idea! Wouldn’t it be great if we could have anything we want – or would it? There’s a debate for another day! Superb work, well done Karim!
    ** Don’t forget to add your name to the story title! ( “…” by Karim)

  4. Karim – this really is a fabulous story. It really has a ‘feelgood’ factor to it. It’s very simplistic and superbly told. Brilliant work.

  5. We like how you combined two of Roald Dahl’s stories – Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the BFG. It was great that you managed to include some speech.
    We also liked how you used capital letters to remind us that it is Roald Dahl’s birthday.

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