WK16: Caught Red Handed

The waterford times    Caught red handed.  Last night  a dangerous robber robbed  hallmark jewellery shop.  The shop was closing one of the shop  workers were locking the doors ,when a hand grabbed her from behind and pushed her in . She couldn’t see his face as he wore a mask he had a gun a toy gun but the worker didnt know the difference .The robber tied up the worker as he was stealing the Jewellery but she managed to press the alarm the police came in a flash.The police caught the robber  red handed thanks to workers quick thinking he is behind bars now where he belongs.

3 thoughts on “WK16: Caught Red Handed”

  1. Hey Josh cool story i like the bit when the robber went behind bars
    I hope you make lots more good storys like this one
    I hope you have a good day

    Filip,Real Flip, Filip.P

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