Hurling final 2016 by J.J.

I was in Croke Park it was a sunny afternoon.It was Sunday. It was             Waterford vs Tipperary, the first Sunday of September. Myself, my dad and my mother travelled to Croke Park to see my brother play for Waterford. It was a beautiful day, no better day for Waterford to win the All Ireland. My dad had told me before we left that we hadnt one an All Ireland in many years, even Arsenal had won a trophy during that period of time… Walking to my seat i could hear the announcer name the teams and i heard my brother being called out! I was so proud!! As soon as the ball was thrown in i heard the clash of the hurleys and before I knew it, i woke up in my bed and got ready for school.. What a dream!

Liverpool VS Arsenal by Caedyn

Liverpool vs Arsenal the big day two hours from kick off, in the dressing rooms everyone is stressed out as were missing our best player but wait the new guy Caedyn K our midfielder is going to play. Twenty minutes from kick off and here we go boys. Bang! Liverpool off to a great start already a goal by Caedyn. Boom a goal by Arsenal one all both neck to neck. Wow what is this? Caedyn’s on the ball from the half way line he takes the shot HE SCORES.Yawn Caedyn time for school its 8 o,clock wait look at the news new player for Liverpool Caedyn K!!

My football dream By Keith

As I drifted off to sleep I found myself dreaming of the terrible game of football that our team had played that day. The game had finished 3-nil!
If only our star player was there on the day we would of won, but since this was a dream of course we did. He flew around the pitch like lightning scoring goals like a real pro, we won the game 5-nil!
The following morning, I woke up and I remembered it was just a dream. The next night, Kevin said he would never miss another game again. He didn’t, we won every game since!

A dream of chocolate by Ryan. G Copy

Once there was a boy called jake and he was 10 years old,it was time for bed so he snuggled under his blanket and After 10 minutes he fell asleep,suddenly he is in a dream he looks around and he sees a sign saying Charlie and the chocolate factory,so Jake says to him self “Should i go and have a look” then he says chocolate “im doing this for you!”So he goes in and suddenly he sees a huge pool of chocolate and he dunks his head under the chocolate,but suddenly he hears foot steps behind suddendly a voice says to Jake “WHAT ARE YOURE DOEING IN MY FACTORY?” Then Jake says “i was just getting chocolate” but eventually he wakes up and moans “i wish that was real” but then Charlie appears beside and says “it is… Come with me”

A dream of chocolate by Ryan. G

Once there was a boy called jake and he was 10 years old,it was time for bed so he snuggled under his blanket and After 10 minutes he fell asleep,suddenly he is in a dream he looks around and he sees a sign saying Charlie and the chocolate factory,so Jake says to him self “Should i go and have a look” then he says chocolate “im doing this for you!”So he goes in and suddenly he sees a huge pool of chocolate and he dunks his head under the chocolate,but suddenly he hears foot steps behind suddendly a voice says to Jake “WHAT ARE YOURE DOEING IN MY FACTORY?” Then Jake says “i was just getting chocolate” but eventually he wakes up and moans “i wish that was real” but then Charlie appears beside and says “it is… Come with me”

My Family holiday- by Brandon

My family went to Wales on the Ferry and we arrived at 9pm but the reception was closed so dad had to ring Security to find our key to the mobile home.

We also went to McDonalds in Rhyl and and that night we went to the Club and there was karaoke on and my mam and sister sang frozen.

We also went to The Welsh Mountain Zoo and saw white wolves,red pandas,otters,camels,kangaroos,and in the Alligator house I saw a huge Alligator up close and got a go on the huge Tummel slide.
It sure was a great family holiday.

Summer Holiday at zip it by DAN

when I was on summer I went to an adventure park. I went to a place in Dublin called zip it . It was a zip line place . There where lot of zip line going in different directions . There where different colours orange blue red white and green. The green was for 6 year old girls and boys white was the next stage it was about  12 feet in height. The first obstacle was the zip line into a net it was hard to get up on to the next stage . The other obstacle was called the never ending steps it was hard. and I thought well what a start .




The wedding by Shane

  1. Last Friday James was running late for a wedding, he really wanted to get there. The wedding was on at 10 past 2. It was 2 o’clock when he was leaving. When they were heading down the road in the car there was road works so they had to take the long way. On the way there was a traffic jam. Then when he was out of the traffic jam his dad forgot his money so they had to go back and get it. Finally they got the money and this time there was no traffic jam, so they were able to get to the wedding on time. James had a brilliant time at the wedding.. The End.

Charlies Dream By Abraham

Charlie was asleep one night.He had a scary dream his dream was about a cat always starring at him when he went to brush his teeth but instead he was thinking about a man starring in at him.”Ahhh he shouted”and he woke up he was scared he “cried mom no answer cried dad no answer”he was scared so 1hour later his mom and dad came back he shouted “mom dad your finnally back I had terrible dream but but ye guys are probbibly will not beilieve me so I am not going to bother telling ether of you we will beilieve you no ye will not we will ok so I had a dream of a cat starring at me what alot of rubbish said his parents” to be continued …

Waterfords All Ireland Dream by Eoin

One morning, Austin Gleeson was dreaming about Waterford against Kilkenny in an All Ireland final.The match just started and Waterford already won the ball,but soon started playing badly.Waterford eventually started playing well again,but the score was 0-15 to 0-09 to Kilkenny.A while later,Waterford brought it back to 0-22 to 0-20 with 30 minutes left. Eventually,Kilkenny scored a goal and hope for Waterford seemed lost,as the score was 1-25 to 0-22 to Kilkenny.But then,Waterford scored 2 goals in the last few minutes and Waterford won!But sadly,Austin woke up and realised it was a dream….Or was it?Austin turned on the television and,to his surprise,the man on the television said that Waterford DID win the All Ireland! THE END




Olympics part 2!!!!!! by Lennon

{This is a part 2 of my last story Olympics P.S please read the Olympics Winning}

As I got off the plane, I was shocked that I almost died. How I almost died, I was in the bathroom and a piece of the toilet wall flew off.I had to quickly grab onto the door and hold on for my life. I shouted to the pilot and he said, hold on we are nearly there. I held on so tightly until we landed and my medals were still around my neck.In the airport every thing was fading and I woke up on a plane heading to Rio. Three weeks later I was heading home with five gold medals and trying my best not to use the toilet.



Johnnys dream by jack k

One day a boy named Johnny was sleeping in his bed and he had a dream that he was going to a shop aldi and he could get any thing he wanted for free forever and he had a think to himself what he wanted and he had an idea so he walked over to the sweets and just as he went to pick up a packet of jellys he woke and he went downstairs to have his breakfast still thinking about his dream and his mam asked him to go and get her milk in aldi and he went there and went to pay for it and the shopkeeper she its free every thing is free.

Detective Habib By-Maksim

Once When Habib Was working in an  robbery  of the (majestical sacred book of spells in the museum of Magical Artifacts) He was trying to find notes/finger prints he found a note under the perfectly laid glass that said “Dear SANCHEZ WAT R DOSE? nah JJ im jast sayin u gotta find me in New pork(AND THE BOOK ASWELL MUHAHAHA)”then he thought where could that be and he asked the old butcher and he said it was down the road!
and after all that A bell rang and it was just actually just a dream in the classroom and he got in trouble for a long time and guess what? he never went to sleep at 2:00pm again

Charlie and the BFG

Charlie he lived with his parents and grandparents in a small house. One night he dreamed about living in a world with no limits. He dreamt that his grandparents were young and his parents had everything they wanted. Suddenly he heard a magnificent sneeze! He jumped out of bed and saw the Bfg. He was about to scream but the Bfg said “I can give you, your parents and grandparents everything you want just let me go. You can call me anytime you want”. “Ok ” said Charlie. With a click of the Bfg’s finger everything they wanted magically happened and the Bfg was gone aswell ” Thank you” said Charlie.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl


The magic door

It was a normal day as any  other  when my mam calls me for breakfast at half 12 Like this mrCharlie breakfast . It seeded  normal until all of a sudden as i was walking down stairs the kitchen door looked different it looked  like a rainbow? I opened  the door and I fell into this big massive black hole and then it suddenly  turned  all random and bang I woke. At first it was all blurry and then it cleared

 it turned  out I was still in the Black hole. I shouted  out to my mam their was no reply I shouted again their was still no reply Then my mam says love are you ok? THE END


Dublin Zoo by Radek

It was sunny day.On Friday we go to Dublin Zoo at 9:45a.m My mum gave me 50 EURO I said goodbye and We went to bus and we go to Dublin. After journey we go to Dublin Zoo. I saw Lions,Pandas,Koalas,Snakes,Elephants,Hippopotamus,Tigers,Zebras and lots of Fish.I saw Penguins is well.The best pet is a Bat. Bat show me his house. I am very happy for that. I do 98 photos and I show photos my family.After Zoo we go to restaurant.In the restaurant teacher said: Boys if you have money you can byu what do you like. I bought Pizza I ate Pizza with my friend Ryan. After restaurant we went to bus.I am sad like all people.But that was the best expedistion on the world.At home I show photos My Dad and Mum is very happy. The End

Story was By Radek

Zombie Apocalypse p.2 By Jack.M

We went back into the office after defeating all the zombies.Suddenly all Jack heard was his name.It was his mom calling him for school.”It was just a dream”said Jack.Come on Jack don’t be late for school.”Alright mom”said Jack.So Jack got dressed washed his teeth and brushed his face{that was a joke if anyone thinks that was a mistake}.He had his breakfast.Then they got in the car and went to school.”Have a great day Jack”said mom.”Bye mom love you”said Jack.When Jack got into the yard no-one was there.So he checked the main building,still no-one.He checked his class no-one at all.”I wonder where there gone????”

9/11 by niall

A boy called David was in bed in September 10th 2001 he was having a dream that planes would fly into the World Trade Centre.When he woke up in the morning he needed to warn someone.When no one believed him he went to down town Manhattan he saw an American Airlines flight 11 hitting the World Trade Centre. Everyone was screaming and crying After that another plane hit the South Tower. Later on the South Tower collapsed. People couldn’t believe it. Then the North Tower collapsed, loads of steel and glass were all over the street it was the worst day in American history.

Once upon a Spy:The hippnodoodle. by Ed

Dear reader (This paragraph is not part of the 100 words) this is part 2 if you did not read the last story I’d read it first hope you enjoy    P.S. happy birthday Rold Dahl       -ED                                                                                                                                     HaHaHaHa laughed DoomsDay .My old friend you fell right into my trap. then I used my dooms day devise and killed my double crossing wife . She is my wife DoomsDay  said Agent.C  through tears .  And now I have my revenge on you Evan Cobra yelled DoomsDay . WE WERE FRIENDS screamed agent.C . And who ended that friendship in the spy academy over her you said D.D.( DoomsDay) .Suddenly he woke up it was a dream . That happened four days ago .      Yesterday was the funeral . Thats it I’m going to stop that from happening . I must go back and and stop that from happening with the Hippnodoodle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         See you next time on once upon a spy .

niall’s vision by brian

Niall was fast asleep in bed . He was dreaming about a strange restaurant  where they were putting hair in pizza and burgers in the kitchen.When he woke up this morning his brother shane told him they were going to Freddy’s pizza palace  . At the restaurant when they were getting ready to order,Niall had to go to the bathroom ,but he went into the wrong room the kitchen and they WERE REALLY making burgers and pizza with hair!    and at that exact moment he realised that it was no dream .so he told the police and the restaurant got shut down.

The Candywatch, like Applewatch but way different by Evan

My name is Evan and i won the most amazing prize for writing a good story on It was to visit Charlie in his chocolate factory! I travelled to London and arrived at the factory. I was ecstatic. I asked Charlie can I see everything in the factory, and the first thing he showed was his new room and invention,  The Candywatch! I put one on, twisted the dial and it bought us back in time to see how candy was made. We were the first people ever to try Candy sweets. With a whoosh, we were back in our own time.



The dream by Dylan

I woke up looked at the clock and saw it was two o’clock.I ran down stairs and had breakfast then I got dressed.”Today I start my new job”I said to my roommate John.When I got to the building I went to my station and started cooking.Suddenly there was a loud noise.”There has been an explosion on the top floor so get out now” said the voice on the intercom. So I ran out and got on my bike and cycled to my brothers lab. When I got there he told me “step into this machine it will heal you”. So I said “ok” and stepped in. Two seconds later the machine broke and I got electrocuted. Then I pointed at my brothers lab assistant and a lightening bolt hit him.I was shocked.Then I woke up in the lab and screamed……to be continued

My Football Match by Adam

I was playing in a football match and a few minutes into the match we scored and I thought “well what a start” The opposition was very good so they managed to score a goal. I got a lot of throw balls to run down the line to cross the ball in. A while after I scored the winning goals. My friends were on the sideline and they were so happy. We were begging the referee to blow the whistle. And finally he blew the whistle and we’re so happy. I love football. Football is my life. I’m so happy with the sport that I play.

Week 1 by Sam

It was day one hundred and twelve and rocket 93 was ready for our mission. The rocket was ready and our commander then called and said “help me I slipped and I think I broke my leg” and I thought well what a start to my day. When the EMS arrived he had broke his leg and his arm so we had to launch in 4 minutes time. So we ran to the rocket. The countdown was on. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Blast off!

My story by Radek

It was a football match. After 28 minutes, the goal was scored by Brazil. On the last minute the goal was scored by Italy. After the match Neymar Jr gave his shirt to me. I was so happy. I asked “can I have a photo?” Hesaid yes. After we all went to home. I went to sleep. At night I think how to play football. At the next day I went outside with my friends and we played a football match. I scored 3 goals. After one year I played like Neymar Jr. I played in Brazil and I am the best player.

Southend vs Space Lions by Abraham

One day me and my brother and the rest of our soccer team and coaches went to play Space Lions. When we got to their pitch we got out of the cars and vans and we went to the dressing room and got dressed. Me and my brother are goalkeepers so we got dressed and our coaches made teams and then my brother got a better team than me. And I thought “well what a start”. So after we all walked out then to our side of the pitch and shook hands with the other players and started.

Unlucky Brandon by Brian

Once there was a boy called Brandon. He was always an unlucky guy. This is his story. Brandon woke up. As soon as he got dressed and went downstairs and his mam saw him she said “what are you doing” Brandon did not know what his mam was talking about. She said “look at your clothes Brandon!” He then looked at his clothes and he had his underpants on the outside of his pants and his jumper on backwards! So he fixed himself and went to school with his friend Jimbubbly Biscuits. He was describing what happened this morning. “How am I so unlucky and you get nice things?” “I have something for you”. He pulled out a rare Pokemon card. “Wow” he said. “Not so unlucky now” said JimBob.

Week 1 by Reyad

It was a sunny day. I went playing football. My friend kicked the ball and hit the goalpost, and then the ball hit my face. After the match I went home. It started raining. I forgot my bike in the park. I went to get it. While I was riding the bike slipped and I banged my head. Next day I went to Tramore. I went surfing and it was fun. Well what a day. I had fun. I went home and had my dinner. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t because it was really hot.

Week 1 by Brandon

Yesterday I went to Tramore because it was euro day and as a bonus my friend Ryan was there. We went on the mystery house and then we went on the ghost train twice. And then we went on the most crazy ride. Before all that we went to Rockin’ Joes and I thought what a start! After the amusement park we went to the arcade and I got 74 tickets. Ryan got 81 tickets and got a yoyo and two lollies. We got some four star prizes. Then we dropped Ryan home.

Ireland v Slovenia by Eoin

I went to the Waterford Regional Sports Centre {RSC} to watch Ireland against Slovenia in an Under 21s European Qualifier one day with my Uncle,Dad,sister and cousin.A while after we arrived,the game started.At the beginning,Ireland did not get the ball  at all,and I thought “Well,what a start”.Soon later, the referee blew the whistle for half time.The score was 0-0.Ireland had a good first half,but I think we could have done better.Soon later,the second half begun,and Ireland instantly won the ball.I thought we were doing badly but then,in the 87th minute,Ireland scored!And soon later,Sean Maguire scored a penalty in the 92nd minute and we won the game! THE END.