Germany vs Russia By Radek

In the 2098 year the Germany attack Russia. That war be 58 years. In the 2156 the Germany stopped the war the Germany have peace with Russia. On the one day Germany teaching how to kill peoples with 600 meters!!! After 12 hours Russia back to his county. Then at 1:00 a.m. Germany  again went to the War. But Russia used his trick and Russia kill 56 Peoples and 6 Planes ON 600 meters !!! One of the admirals said “Why we show him the best Germany trick!!!  Now we can`t kill Russia. Then 2nd admiral said
“Take the 20 planes and we show him who is the best. After 5 minutes the 20 planes flew to the Russia Guards and the planes was very good but after 8 minutes the Russian people kill 3 planes!!! after 5 years Germany win the war But Germany do very good if he do day of the peace.

The End

How to make peace.By Jack.M

These are steps to make peace with your friends.                                 Step 1.Ask them if they’re alright.If they are great.If he or she is not talking to you keep trying to talk to them.                                              Step 2.Ask them if they wan’t to play in your games.If they still don’t keep trying.Step 3 might help.                                        The final step.If they want you to play in their games every thing is working.You’re defiantly doing something right.You should play their games and they will play yours.Hopefully this helped and you are friends again.I hope you liked my one hundred word challenge and you and your friends don’t fallout.AGAIN.

World Peace by Adam

There were two brothers from different countries demanded war.The two brothers were commanders and wanted to end the war.Their names were Adam and Jake.The soldiers were shooting and fighting when the brothers said,STOP! The soldiers stood still and were listening.They gave a beautiful speech and touched the soldiers hearts.They said there should be no wars,no fighting and no shouting abuse.The soldiers walked home thinking about what the brothers said.They also said ,”imagine one day of peace.If you could have one day of peace,you could do it all your life.”The End


Peace by Habib

I woke up in the morning.And I went outside.And I saw smoke.I walked to the smoke and I saw a tank. The tank was blowing up the place.And I saw soldiers trying to destroy the tank.I ran home and got my bazooka.I went to the tank and I blew it up.But more came.I destroyed them all but soldiers came.I didn’t know what to do.So I went home and got my R.P.G. and blew them up.Tanks and soldiers were coming.And there was a jet flying above me.I kept on shooting until they gave up.I shot one more tank.And they gave up.Now there is Peace.

Arthur makes peace by Arthur

My name is Arthur I live in Syria there is a very bad war her my mam and did joring the war I am  very sad i am tring to0 macke world pece   i had a very strange dream i went tio a camp. From kids all ournd the world  i techt tem how to  play our gams  we thot to macke  world peace we went back to our contry  we all  asct the slojers can we have pece we mad pece .We loved plaing difrint games we  had lots of fuan plaing games ain we all made world pece


The invitation that saved the city by Bartek

It is the year 2018.I am in the middle of a war. Im looking out the window and I see terror on peoples faces.Everything is on fire.Soldiers are fighting for being the leader.All I thought was this the end.I thought to myself why not give out invitations to every soldier but how.I told one of the soldier to walk around and give them out. I was waiting in the church waiting for them. They came and I told them everything about the people around them. the next day I looked out the window i saw sunshine and people talking to each other. I was happy that it ended.

Once upon a spy : The day of doom part 1

Agent .c ws whizzed through the air . Ok he thought go back save venessa and stop DoomsDay and and not be seen by me . Simple enough  he thought  . But then he stopped the hippnodoodle (Time machine) had stopped working . Oh great he said he was at theright day but he was 5 hours early . He an into the temple and looked at the dooms day  ZZZZZUUUURRRRPPPPP Suddenly it was blasting into the air .HAHAHAHAHA laughed DoomsDay .Wait a sec your no Agent Cucumber  but you agent.C will do to. This device is signaling aliens to wage war on the planet next week .Do you know them. Yes the dark one said . We have to work together to stop them . Ok Dooms day said hesitating . but a few conditions . I am 2nd leader and whenever we split up I always go with agent.t and it will be called the day of doom.                                                                                                                                                                                             See you next time on once upon a spy.

A Summers Football Game by Caedyn

One Summers day, there was a big game on the green. Everyone was playing football, the ball was gone side to side . Then one person said lets have two captains, Sean and Evan were the captains then Evan said first pick!Evan choose Joe..wait you cant pick Joe said Sean, Joe is on my team Evan said furiously. The boys argued until one Sam stepped in and said why don’t we flip a coin as it seems fairest? Sean your heads, Evan your tails. The coin goes high in the sky and it lands on tails. And thats how all the boys made peace with each other through our football games.

Peace everywhere by Ryan. G

I wish there was peace in the world. It is horrible when I watch the news and there is another war.  It is so sad that this happens and poor people suffer even small kids. It is not their fault where they live.  They just want to have a normal life like going to school and playing with their friends and spending time with their family. Horrible people cause lots of destruction and millions of people are left with nothing or die.  I feel so sorry for all of them. It’s so sad.  We are lucky that we live in a peaceful country. 

A boy called Will by Shane

Once there was a young boy called Will  who moved to a new country with his family.he joined the local school but was not made feel very welcome by a boy in his class.

Each lunchtime he would fight with him.He seen a notice in a window one day for a new boxing club starting so he decided to join to help him.He trained each day for 3 months and on the day of the tournament he noticed the boy from school was fighting for another club.

They both reached the final Will won.

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The post of peace by Evan

Its a sunny morning in the year 2057 and I am the president of the world. It’s a peaceful world and everyone is friendly. This morning a post went up on Facebook that made everyone go bonkers. People wear tearing up flags, hitting each other and going mental. I looked at the post on Facebook and I knew why, but I didn’t how to get the answer around the world. I decided to post the answer to Facebook (it’s black and blue #thedress). Everyone saw it and that calmed them all down. Peace was restored and flags were blowing in the wind again.


One day a war between the Irish and the Spanish. At the 3rd of August 1902. In Madrid in Spain and the Spanish had over 2000 people in the war. And the Irish had over 2000 people as well the war started because the Spanish leader hated the Irish leader and because he hated the Irish leader he wanted to take over Ireland. And as they were fighting one of the Irish soldiers and one of the Spanish soldiers. Were wearing the same football jersey a Manchester United one. So they shouted stop fighting so they could just go home to there family.


The end by Dylan

The war was finally over or so we thought the galifraxians came back the next day trying to take out the galaxy though we would not let them so I threw a fire ball at the mother ship and it fell down though we still had alot of ships to destroy so we fought for days and days and eventually I got bored and time travelled back to when space wizards made there planet and blew it up then time travelled back and we had peace and a two week long party!!!!!!!!!yay then me and my friends played some gta 5 then we got bored of that and played minecraft


The 3 kings by Aurimas

Once opon a time in 1523 there were 3 kings, KingShane Kingdan and Kingreayad when they were kids they played together but when the kings grew up they became ewen beter friends butttttttt! some one wached them something evil that evil anoied him that they were friends he was making all sort of traps but it still didint work and he thought …well what a start… the evils guy name was radek,once he thougt a really good plan he said muahhhhhhaaaaa!hehehehe                                                                       ,one sunny day                                                                                                            3kings were playng hide and seak but then radet sumoned a dragon,and they got killed but NO!The 3kings had  so many friends bosses that the bosses were called Adam Bartek  Jack.K+Jack.M Adam the pirrat said werrrrrre is the drrrrrragon Bartek the gost said I will get them with my magicssssssss and they got all together and fought the dragon and radek became friend of 3kings now there is 4kings.

Project NANO 1V25.10 By Maksim P2 The END! 20/09/2016

So after I said the problem it meant we needed a sapling wich McDonald J Pepe Forgot in Dubai wich was away from newyork A long way so instead he made a refrosted one wich made the ritual gave  A success!  but it gave them a sheet of paper saying “You realy thought magic happens” And out of no where! the majectical sacred BOOK APPEARED and they did not know what it was so i said to my self this has to be stopped so i went to new york and said to them to try write something on the page of the book BUT they shouted at me saying “Wat R u doin? Rooney we did nat ask ya to come? Get outta here!” and here;s where the war started The sky’s went dark and out of no where people started disappearing then a big loud noise was made And White came and said “STOP FIGHTING YOU COULD OF DONE rock,paper,scissors and we then listened and done it and guess who was right me i won the rock paper scissors and they wrote on the page to tree’s appear again AND IT ALL HAPPENED So just respect the opinions and everything will be peace

               )_________________THE END____________________(

Pipes of Peace by jj

This is the name of a song and a true story. It was Christmas Day in France in 1914, it was at the beginning of World War One and the British were fighting the Germans. In between them both was No Mans Land. For a short time on that day, both sets of soldiers left the trenches and met each other half way on No Mans Land and shared pictures of family and some drinks. They also played a short game of soccer.

Then the bombing started again.

In 1983 Paul McCartney wrote a song about that day, The Pipes of Peace. Always in and around Christmas time this song is played on the radio. If he did not write this song, I wonder would the world remember what happened on Christmas Day 1914 in France.

Project NANO 1V25.10 By Maksim P1 19/09/2016

I wish this Really this realy never happened but IT was
2056 September 1st: a day before the conflict happened a scientist named McDonald J Pepe was working on a project called:Project NANO 1V25.10 where the world was going poor with tree’s because of a man Named jeff had an issue with a printer and ate all THE PAPER! so he was trying to find the Mysterious artifact called Banolucioufart but it was saw only in the early  days Uranus Found A Planet and called It Uranus in Rome/greek BUT THE only Problem was that u need the sacred tree to do the experiment/ritual so THEY WERE working on that stuff aswell when JEFF was now trying to eath planks from his Furnace where diapers were laid and burned! BUT It did not happen becuase his dog stole them all BUT anyways McDonald J Pepe was trying to find it in the burn’t down libary in Rome/Greek HE actually found them both but THERE WAS a problem Continue reading “Project NANO 1V25.10 By Maksim P1 19/09/2016”

The Game -by Brian

Brian is a soldier in Syria.In one of the battles he was in he had a sudden realisation ,these people that I am fighting , they have families and all the destruction and deaths that these wars have caused ,all of these familes killed .What good is this doing .So he came to his  boss General Hayden and explained what he thought .And his general said fine one game of football but as soon as its over we must start fighting again . He said alright.But at the game both armies got to know each other the score was 3-3 and they stopped fighting !


Steps to Peace by Sam

Hi my name is Barrack Obama and I am the president of America.I would love to stop war in the middle east and around the world. September 20th 2016 I propose the following, we will be holding talks with all nations. and that everyone listens to each other and respects each others opinion. I think its crucial that everyone gets along with one and other and try to be friends with each other. September 28th 2016, we are now in Syria and everyone is now listening and respecting all different opinions. We now need to sign a treaty to stop war and to all be friends.


Try and make peace with each other by Abraham

Once apon a time I was a little kid and lived in seria.So one day I went out on my own to get milk for my mum and dad so I got to the shop and I saw a sign saying that the shop is closed because we are getting attacked by the russians so I was just confussed when I was walking home I saw are army with guns pointing at the sky and I saw a plane and under the plane there was a bomb. and I told are army to stop and give them a signal to land so they did so I cried “and told them we should make peace” so we all agreed so we mixed everyone into teams and started a game of soccer.

A day in Syria by Niall

I am a boy from Syria called Muhammad. My parents were killed in our house in front of me. My house collapsed and my brother and sister were killed too. I was left on my own. I wandered the streets to look for my friends. All of a sudden there was a loud bang, a bomb hit the school where my friends were and it went on fire. I saw all the children running trying to get out of the school. When all of the children were out, guns were fired and people were wounded. All the paramedics were quickly on seen. People were shocked, sad and hurt, we need peace in the world.

The ghost-bost by Aurimas

One day! I was on my computer I played roblox i lost and I thought…well what a start…AND THEN SOMEONE KNOCKED ON MY ROOM DOOR! I thougt who could that be???? and I saw a ghost I was so scared I CLOSED THE DOOR! I tried to get out I opend the cuirtain and I SAW THE SAME GOST!AAAAAA!I said go away I opened the door and I ran to the kichen and I saw! I saw!A!A!                …THE END…

Shane’s new life by Lennon

Once there was a boy named Shane. Shane lived in Northern Ireland. One day in April Shane was heading to school and he heard a sound. It was a bomb. So he ran home and he saw soldiers running past his house. His Granddad called him and said crying “All your family is dead.”.  Shane was crying. He was scared and ran to his friend Leah and said “come into my house quick” they ran in and Leah said worriedly “my family are out there”. Shane hugged her and said “don’t worry lets go and get them”. Shane ran out and then his house and said ‘can we just stop and play a game like tip the can’ so they played and just stopped fighting and everything went so good.. :))

charlie’s dream by Sam

It was a cold winter night and Charile was in bed fast asleep he was having a dream. he was hopping he will win the golden ticket he was having visual on wonkas factory.He was having a tour of wonkas factory by mister wonka him self first they went to the cholate river and then cholate bog .THEY ATE THER WAY TROUH THE BOG.Then they went to the testing room they tried bubblegum.then they went to his office wher wonka worked then he woke up and he bought a bar wish had the ticket

arthurs happydrem

It was a winters morning arthur woke up arthur,s mum shouted sevrl times he seaad stop he gotdresd into his pe he got brecrst he got on his bike sicekld to scoll he arivd at 8.30. He went into classs he did mats,english,irsh and it was lunch  he went out for lunch he came back in  they did girogfry,tabls, write down homerck was mats,english. ARTHUR sicld to home he loved it was fun he went in home he had lunch he went to  do home worck and havediner he wet to bed he had a strage deem it came tr4ur it was epick he was te spartist in the scool and the dreem acslue came true   t

charlies dream by michael

charlie found a coin he went to the shop and bought a bar then he got a golden ticket after he went to cadbury factory then they were all there after they all went for a  tour they seen  little people and evrything was made out of chocolate you could eat it was a mircle after he went for another trip with his grandad and uncle for a treusere  chest they found it on the beach after he had a party got lots of stuff and so much sweets they played football with his freinds  he scored  the best goal ever after i woke up in my house and i told my parents and i went to school for maths after i went on holidays to londan the end

The boring—boom by Aurimas

in 1998 I got a letter from Roald dahl he said to come to his house and help to write BFG i came to his house in IRELAND I said helo and he said helo i said  I have the letter, OK he said Its you yea, he said sit I sat and he started to talk his BFG what you have to put BLA BLA BLA….. and I fell a sleep,and I thought …well what a start… there was like every one claping ,because I was writing stories beter than Roald dahl,  I was so happy and I WOKE UP and I said ,ok ok ,and gave him new ideas …and I am famous OK OK I am not mabe a little bit.                  ….THE END…..

The Aliens By Adam

Everyone was enjoying their day.The sun was shining,everybody was happy.But then something blocked out the sun.It was a u.f.o.Everyone was screaming and shouting,ALIENS,ALIENS!The u.f.o landed,no sound,just silence.The door opened,the aliens were tall,big and had huge eyes.Something zoomed past at the speed of light.It was The Flash.Cheering The Flash on,the people helped fight.They got torches pitchforks and more.The aliens got so scared they flew away!Then the people cheered and celebrated.But people got ready for next time.They got guns,knifes,sledgehammers and more.The End.

The Missing Child by Bartek

Hi my name is mr Fox. Most of you know me from the book Fantastic Mr Fox. So this is not the best story i’ve ever told so……hope you enjoy. I have 12 kids……I think. I have so much kids  I dont know how much there is. i was looking everywhere,in the kicthen, under the bed in the sitting room basically everywhere. I thought to myself, told my wife “He must be in the atic” And my wife said “ok then lets go over there” We want there  and what was there………. our son. He went there because he was playing hide and seek with himself


My Story by Reyad (Week 2)

A boy called Jake he lived in his friend house. It was his  bed  time . SOON AS HE FELL A SLEEP . He had dream . The dream was about a  hunted hotel . Jake an his friend were in the hotel watching a scary movie they heard a noise in the bedroom .There was ghost hiding some where in the room . All the thing are moving by it self they .Jake jumped out of bed a he could not sleep soon as he heard a noise . He got scared.A ghost was hiding somewhere his dream came true .