WK 8:Going to the circus!

Mum and I are going for a day out.We have not gone out for a day in a long time.Mum said that we can go where ever I want. I have never gone to the circus so that’s where I want to go.When we got there things looked like not right. The tent was brown and white not red and white. We got our seats and the show started.Straight away a clown kicked a ball. He took out a red balloon. The hole tent went black.Then we heard a big dash of lightening and the lights turned on.There were very frightening people standing  in the middle of the circus.

Week 7: The Thingy of the Thing.

One day, Sofia and her friends discovered a new place. The place was magical full with unicorns and flying poptarts (Nyan cat). But, there was something harming the place. The “something” was POLLUTION. They only had three options:

  • Die..
  • Hide.. and
  • Find out what was causing the pollution.

Though the pollution was gone for a moment.”But where did it go?” she shouted. No one knew. But eventually it started again.

One of the friends knew what was causing the pollution. They walked towards it.

But when they saw it, they’re were SHOCKED

week7:My New Ball

One fine day I woke up it was a Saturday I was saying finely it is the weekend. My mam bought me a new soccer ball. It was the new champions league soccer ball.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I went up to the park but five bullies came up to me and took it off me. I told my mam and she shouted “but where did it go?”she shouted. I said “the bullies took it again”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My mam went up to their house because she is friends with their mam. So she went up and got it.

Wk 7:Wizard school

“Time for Wizard school,”Mum shouted! “OK “said the two boys sadly. The boys got on the train to Wizard school. There was two hundred people going to this school, but the boys did not want to go. The first class was language class.” We got to speak a dumb Wizard language”,the 2 said crossly. Someone came up to them and said,”this school may be bad now but you just wait”. We’re sorry but who are you. Don’t matter because magic class is next. “Welcome children “said the headmaster. You see this black cat and now you don’t. Poof. It was gone.” Eh but where did it go?”she shouted. Don’t know.

wk 6:The big cake

Once apon a time there was a boy named Jonny he was 12 today.He had a choice a birthday party or have a giant birthday cake.But he chose a giant cake.So the day after his birthday the giant cake was ready.so the shop rang him to come pick it up so jonny and his dad went to pick it up.But they forgot that the cake was 3 meters big!!!so at that point they realised that it was just to big.So the next day they brought a traile rbut the trailer was just the perfect size.but jonny realised he cant eat it all so he invited some of his friends over.

week6: The Stadium

It was the start of the year I was going to old trafford to watch Manchester united vs Liverpool. I had my Liverpool scarf and hat. I was going with my dad and brother we were really excited. I thought Liverpool were going to win.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     So kick off was at eight o’clock. We were in there at quarter to seven there was lots of people already. After the match I was going home. I got my suitcase  but it was heavier than expected but it was alright. After that lovely weekend we got home safely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     THE END

Wk 6:Mums birthday.

It was my mothers birthday. It was her 30th.My father, brother ,sister and me are going down town to get her big cake. My father said ” lets get that laptop  that your mother has been going on about. Ok. Everyone went but I stayed back to go get the cake. It was a red velvet cake with white chocolate cream. I picked it of course. My favourite. I walked in to the cake shop. I asked for the cake but the said nothing. I took the cake ,started to walk home. It was heavier than I expected. Then I tripped and dropped the cake….

Wk5:Strange creature.

There was a UFO spotted in the sky by a person in America named Dave.Some people thought it was fake,some thought aliens were gonna take over the world.It never moved and then a flash of light hit the earth.Every one ran over there quickly.People faces were shocked to see a really tall creature.People taking pictures and the very tall creature said who are you people.Where am I.The news reporter said that we are humans on planet earth.Where are you from creature.I am from a different Universe.I live on a giant planet there called third planet.I live on the Third planet and we are aliens.He killed everyone with laser gun.

Week 5 The war of Giants and Aliens

It’s was the year 5667.When the war against giants vs aliens began. A giant look up at the sky and saw hovercrafts floating  down towards the ground.

Startled he  yelled “enemies coming”. All of the giants went towards to the  hovercrafts.

The giants all  went as a group to do more damage to the hovercraft. After 2 years of the war the giants had won.

It took 4 years to rebuild all the damage that the aliens done.But in the end the giants live happy for the rest of there life’s.




Week 5 the alien

One fine day in America a space craft crashed in New York. Everyone was in a panic about the space craft. People looked out there window and a huge skinny alien stood out. The army were there trying to shoot him but the bullets kept popping out of him. People were Going to attack him but they knew he was to strong. So they came up with a plan they are going to cover him with cement. So the next day everyone got ready so when they saw the alien they poured the cement all over him. THE END

Wk 4 “battle of the Mediterranean “

*The admiral looked through his binoculars* a navy troop ran up to him. “Sir what are those planes with big  meatballs on them””   there not belonging to us” BANG  bombs flying everywhere. BANG . This was the start of the battle of Mediterranean.* News playing* “December  the 7th a day live in infamy” japan has attacked Pearl Harbor in  Hawaii” that was the voice of Franklin Roosevelt speaking the the United States of America about dec 7th  1941. on board USS Missouri. Japanese carrier  advanced to the Philippines. turned back. PING a kamikaze hit the front of thr USS Missouri.  the navy brought it back to pearl harbor to this day.


Week4: Apollo 11

NASA is sending a brand new rocket to the moon they tested it for years. NASA called this mission Apollo 11 everything was safe. “We are ready to take off “ and so they did everything went smoothly with the take off. Three days later they heard the news “we touched were on the moon. Those words made every one happy. A day later NASA  heard bad  news that the rocket would not take off. Over in NASA they had an argument they said  to use emergency launch the pilot yelled “I can’t “. When it would not take off when NASA sent an emergency rocket but when they got there the people weren’t alive

Week 4 Gab and the Aerplane game

It was a horrible Sunday for Gab.Gab was playing FORTNITE in his room with his friends.When suddenly his internet turn off he rage with anger.And went to his mom room And said”WHERE IS THE INTERNET!”.His mom said to calm down And said”I turn off the internet so you can try this game out.It was a aerplane game Gab try it out. Gab was getting more mad because the game didn’t let him take off but when it just wouldn’t take off .Gab got more anger he mom was laughing because it was a fake game The End.

Week 4 Leon’s Story

Long long ago in America there was a meeting from the Man United football team people from Ireland were getting flights over to America  the people people of Ireland where so excited about one thousand people started getting on the planes so they could meet the man United football team one plane one plane would not move so the pilot really tried and tried when it just wouldn’t take off it took off

Week 4: Jimmy and Timmy

Jimmy was a nice 9 year old whiwas helpful and genourous.He went to saint Ashley’s school,one day his mam asked him to go to get bread in the local supermarket,while on his journey he met his friend Timmy. They walked with each other when they arrived they saw a break in.when the police arrived all they saw were Timmy and Jimmy.the police brought them to juvenile for 3 years Jimmy and Timmy were sick of it so they decided to make an aeroplane 1 year passed.It was finished they done it that night when it wouldn’t take off the were so annoyed and were kept in prison for 3 more years.

Week4 ground control to Major Tom

5,4,3,2,1.Blast off.Major Tom was now on his way to space.He is feeling nervous because in space if something happens no one can hear you scream .Finnaly he reaches his destination,the moon then exits the ship to explore the strange world.While exploring he finds some unfamiliar footsteps.Suddenly he notices a strange little figure following him.He turns back to confront him but realise’s he is not friendly.Major Tom decides to return to the ship and start the rocket to return home when it just wouldn’t take off.The last contact ground control has with Major Tom are screams.

Week4 the magic drone

One day billy was at the store he saw the coolest drone so asked his mom if he could get it his mom said yes.So they rushed home billy was so excited he ripped open the box and put it in his garden he tried to make it fly when it just wouldn’t take off. So he checked every thing . Then he had an idea he put his firework rocket to the drone and lit the rocket and it went flying up into the sky and then he swapped to the control and it flew into the night sky

Week 4 the forest chase

The guy was right behind him.Panthing heavily.He just kept running but suddenly.He was out he was in clear sight he ran to the air balloon he was just behind him.The shovel covered in blood.He tried to get away in the air balloon.He was scared when it just wouldn’t take off.Coming up right behind him was a serial killer.He grabbed on to the air balloon climbing in slowly.But he took the guy by the head.He was so scared but without thinking he kicked him off he fell lying their in pain.He shouted ill get you.So all he knew was he was safe he got home and Went to bed under their was the serial killer.

Week 4:Farty Fred

One day a man called Fred wanted to build a rocket but was to dumb to do it.But his friend works For NASA Fred’s friend really want to help but he can’t or he’ll get in trouble.So Fred done the unthinkable he made himself into a rocket,they called him “Farty Fred” also Fred is 9 foot tall.Fred said he would power himself with farts.He was launching in five four three two one when it just wouldn’t take off they scared him so much he farted four thousand times and 80% of the population died.

Week 4 Jim bobs rocket project

One really boring day at school Jim bob and his class were doing some kind of rocket contest to see who could build the best rocket. And the most annoying person in the class Betty Jefferson shouted I’m going to win! And laughed like a dying mountain goat. As soon as Jim bob got home he started to make his rocket and when it was finished it had five engines! Then the contest started and every one got ready to launch their rockets. And everyone’s rockets launched really high but Jim bobs didn’t and he pressed the button again and when it just wouldn’t take of… it launched and he won the end

week 4 The boy and the aeroplane

Onces opon a time there was a boy that loved aeroplane games. Every day after school he would come home. And do his homework and play aeroplane games after he was finish homework. But on that prediculary his internet was so bad that the plane couldn’t take off. So when it just wouldn’t  take off he went on a wild ranpage. He’s mother tried to calm him down but she wasn’t’ successfull. Soon the father came home and was successfull of calming the boy down for going on a rampage he was never allow to go on the game again.

Week4:What’s wrong with the rocket.

The astronauts  of the rocket station  are getting  ready to go to mars for the first time.There are three men.Harold,Alex and Jim.There  most experienced people for the job and there very excited to be the first ever people to walk on mars.Now it’s time to go.There loading the fuel in to the rocket.There all ready now.Ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one.Lift off.Wait a minute.They did not go anywhere and that’s my story. I remember that time when everyone was excited. I remember when it just would’t take off.Everyone was confused.Some were shouting at the tv.It was so funny.I knew they wouldn’t take off,but we still don’t know what was wrong.

Week 4 The Hunters’s Ship

As Pluck ran through the Hunter’s Spaceship he looked for an emergency escape pod.He couldn’t find one.Being a young Goblinn,he wasn’t the smartest,but he knew if he stayed on the Ship he would probably die.Up ahead he saw an escape pod guarded by two Hunters.He ran at them and took out his slingshot.He fired twice then jumped in.He tried to start it then got scared when it just wouldn’t take off.He feared the Hunters,huge wolf-like creatures would take him to their Queen.The Queen had a Lead Warrior and he was the biggest Hunter.Together her and her Warriors had killed 200 Goblinns.But as Pluck escaped he realised he wasn’t one of them.

Week 4: the scared dog

One day there was a boy with the mum and dad. The boy name is Peter, the man name John and the lady name Kate. Peter, John and Kate were at the pet shop. Peter wanted a dog. Dad and mum can I get a dog,” asked Peter. Okay let’s get a dog,” said John. Peter, John and Kate bought the dog to there house. The dog was scared of Peter, John and Kate. The dog was also scared of cats when it just wouldn’t take off. So Peter had to train the dog. The dog wasn’t scared of Peter, John, Kate and cats anymore.

Week 4 the broken car

one day there was a boy and his dad got a new dog and his sons friend has a dog for hunting and then the boy wanted to get a dog. After a while of thing he got the dog so then that went hunting and on the way back there car stopped working so thay where there for like 4 hours when it just wooden the take off.A car drove past and tray got a lift home what that did not know it was the farmor and he said stay away from my field the end.

Week 4 the huge boat

Once apon a time there was a boy named John and he was going on a holiday to France.He was very exited.He was on a beautiful boat overnight. He had never been on a boat before. When he got to the boat he unpacked some stuff when it just wouldn’t take off . The boats fuel was empty. They had gone out to sea with no fuel they were stranded on a huge boat in the middle of the ocean. They would never come back to land again they would not survive without food. They were all doomed.         The End

Week 4 High sky

One early morning during world war 2 men were woken to the sounds of bombs from the Aichi D35 bomber plane. Men rushed to there planes. As the men got into their planes kamikazes flow into the side of there ship. US mustangs flow after the Aichi D35 bomber planes trying to take them down.As one man got into his plane he couldn’t take off. He didn’t know what was the problem was.when it just wouldn’t take off. Then he realized that the problem was the one of the kamikazes shot his fuel tank . Soon all the bomber planes were gone and the US soldiers had taken the victory.

Week4 the plane crash

The one morning there was plan getting fuel in and then they stopped because they thought they had enough fuel but they didn’t so then the plane took off.The flight was going  so they were fliying nice and smooth but then the engin went off but then when it just wouldn’t take off.So then every one started panicking the poilot said to cool down because he tried to power the engine.So the pilot tried and tried but then he reialised they had to fuel left so the plane crashed and every one died


Week 4:The Flying Pig

One day on a farm  there was a pig named Bacon.Bacon always had a dream to fly and today was the day he would accomplish that dream.Bacon busted down the gate and went to Home Depot.When he got to the shop he got all he needed and went to the cashier.”That will be €230.”said the cashier.”Oink.”said Bacon.When Bacon got home he built his wings then he went to the top of the barn and checked if the wings where working he ran of the barn but when it just wouldn’t take off Bacon hurled all the way down.Moral of the story,”Don’t give pigs permission to go to Home Depot.”-Pigs 2019

Week 4 the alien

One night there was a crash but it was not a planeIt was a ufo! An alien crawled out . He stood up and said into his device bing bong . The sun was coming over the hill . He heard people climbing the mountain he hid. They found him and when they found him he took out a lazer gun .the people put up there hands he put the gun down and said bing bing bong . It means, fix my ship now, . Good thing they had an alien translator. They Said to the alien we can help. They did not fix it so when it just wouldn’t take off he ran away