The carrot by Jack.k

One early morning a farmer by the name of Patrick was TEARFUL planning crops.He was ¬†with joy of how many crops he planted he never planted that many.When he finished planting the crops he started planting the CARROTS.When he was planting the carrots he used a massive STELL machine.One of the carrots was so bad it turned MAUVE.It didn’t look good.Seven days later he pulled the carrots the last one was stuck UNDER the ground.It was a new year so decided to buy a new tractor so he did he tried it out and said well that was a good to buy.


4 thoughts on “The carrot by Jack.k”

  1. I’m glad Farmer Patrick’s luck changed when he invested in that new tractor. I hope his new crop was plentiful with no more bad carrots!

  2. Ewww a mauve carrot does not sound appealing at all! Although it does sound like the rest of the crop was OK so it’s not all bad! Good work Jack, well done!

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