The Candywatch, like Applewatch but way different by Evan

My name is Evan and i won the most amazing prize for writing a good story on It was to visit Charlie in his chocolate factory! I travelled to London and arrived at the factory. I was ecstatic. I asked Charlie can I see everything in the factory, and the first thing he showed was his new room and invention,  The Candywatch! I put one on, twisted the dial and it bought us back in time to see how candy was made. We were the first people ever to try Candy sweets. With a whoosh, we were back in our own time.



7 thoughts on “The Candywatch, like Applewatch but way different by Evan”

  1. WOWZA! What an outstanding story Evan! I loved your use of the word “ecstatic”. Brilliant use of vocabulary there. And how cool, to go back in time and see how candy was first made. And a little sound effect to travel back to our own time, top class. This is an excellent story, well done!

  2. This story is awesome! What a great imagination you have. I really want to win a trip like that and how cool would it be to have one of those watches.

  3. Well done Evan on another great story. I loved how the reader gets a sense of how you are feeling and noises around you. I could totally see myself on this adventure with you. Although i do like Apple watches, i think i would prefer a time travelling Candy one instead 🙂

  4. Hi Evan! This story was really creative! I hope to see more great stories from you.
    I wonder how candy would taste like back then? To be honest I think it would be really bad!
    Also everything is better than then the iwatc- I mean apple watch…EVERYTHING.
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  5. What a creative and imaginative 100 word challenge this is Evan – a very clever idea to win a trip to Charlie’s Chocolate factory and to try out a candy watch that allows you to travel back in time. Even better to win it as a prize for writing a good 100 word challenge! I love it! Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

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