Brandonium VS Baldinio by Brian

Once Brandonium was searching the world for crime from the sky and he saw someone robbing a bank. When he swooped down he saw a load of tearful people and  he saw a man made of steel and was wearing a mauve and silver costume and he said his  name was Baldinio and started throwing exploding carrots  and with that he flew away Brandonium came after him but it was no use he went back to his base under his house and searched if there were any reports and one said his name was Conorito and one more said he was going to attack the Blue house where president Evan lives!!!! and he  ran like a bullet.                                                                                                                                               To be continued.


3 thoughts on “Brandonium VS Baldinio by Brian”

  1. Exploding carrots, now there’s a plan for a weapon that no-one’e heard before! I’m frightened to ask where the inspiration for “Baldinio” came from. Maybe best that I don’t know! Great imagination and writing Brian, well done!

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