Brandonium part 2 by Brian

So it was him …  the artist he had made fun of. Conorito had somehow been given the power to control steel,and now he had become Baldinio!. As quick as a bullet he went to the Blue house where President Evan lives. But when he had got there Evan was not there but Baldinio was it turned out that the Blue house that was right there was a hologram. And behind it was full of little steel ships and people were tied to them and before Brandonium could even comprehend what happened Baldinio started throwing exploding carrots at him. What will Brandonium do now ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

6 thoughts on “Brandonium part 2 by Brian”

  1. Well done Brian.
    But you can’t just leave it there.
    Please continue soon.
    Can’t wait.
    David 5th Mrs.Boyces class.

  2. Wow! Very impressive story Brian.
    I cannot wait for the next part.
    President Evans great name.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C Mrs. Boyces class

  3. Hi Brien.
    Amazing story.
    I wish that you would make less part two’s.
    how did you come up with the name baldinio

  4. Poor Brandonium… Baldinio seems to have all his bases covered with his evil plan. Exploding carrots too – Baldinio seems to have thought of everything! Keep up the good work Brian 🙂

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