Brandon vs peppa pig BY BRIAN

This is the story of how Brandon saved us all from Peppa Pig. There was a spaceship the size of England [1000000000000000000000000 times bigger than Jack M]shaped like a porkchop came towards us and said”greetings humans of earth”the started firing slices of explosive ham at us.Then we had to call in Brandon the superhero and Brandon had a massive fight and Peppa was about to lose.BUT she said “suprise!” and an evil Ryan superpower appeared and they fought for a long time and Brandon made friends with him and they threw Peppa to another galaxy.THE END

5 thoughts on “Brandon vs peppa pig BY BRIAN”

  1. Funny story. Peppa pig and pork chops all in the one story – now there’s a connection. One thing I didn’t know before reading your story though and that is that Peppa is a girl??? I always thought it was a boy!!! As they say, you learn something new every day and I certainly did today.

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