Wk:6 The boy that got knocked out ???

Once there was a man with a funny face he lives in tramore.There is a skatepark out in tramore he was really good on ? he got into scooters because scooters got so popular. Every week he learned new things. Tail wipes and bryes. But there was always fights in the skatepark . A teenager who tried to take his scooter he wouldn’t give him his scooter. So there was a fight between him and the teenager . ? Pow bang ? he lost  sadly and lost his scooter and got knock out. Soon when he woke up ha was in water and couldn’t breath he didn’t make it he never went on scooters again.

5 thoughts on “Wk:6 The boy that got knocked out ???”

  1. Thomas I really like the part where it said ? POW BANG ? AI LOVE THE EMOJIS IT MAKES IT STIKES THE WORDS STICK OUT by bradley

  2. Good story Thomas I hope the boy finally got his scooter back

    From Ben.C
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