A bad Christmas by Jack k

One day I was on the way to my friends house.To have a sleepover in his house it was a good  night the next day.We had a argument about something and we were not friends for the whole Christmas holidays but its coming to the end of 2016 so in 2017 I hope we can be best friends again.Now its school tomorrow and I hope we can be friends again.Its Monday now and im in school now and we saw each other and we both said sorry for the argument and we became best friends again now its so much better again.

5 thoughts on “A bad Christmas by Jack k”

  1. I’m so glad that you patched things up with your friend, Jack. Sometimes, everyone needs to have a little argument to clear the air. It can be good. I hope that you’re both back to being best friends in 2017! Super story, well done!

  2. Great story Jack. Arguing and fighting isn’t a nice experience, but sometimes it can be good to let off a bit of steam. The important thing is to know why we’re arguing and apologise if we’re in the wrong. I’m glad you sorted things out with your friend. School wouldn’t have been a very happy place if you were avoiding each other.

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