Week 1 – Where’s Me Soccer Boots!

One Tuesday wojtek looked for his soccer boots but he could not find for his soccer match. so he kept looking for them .Then he tried remember the last time he put them but he could not remember.He thought he found them but it was only a tissue.His boots were under a bag but he did’nt know.He had every thing ready but his boots.He looked and looked he did not find them.Wojtek looked in his room and his brothers room in the kitchen and the siting room. In the end wojtek found them under a bag.

Week 1 – The Dark Towel

One day tim Washington was meeting up with his freind jack . jack came and was holding a very tattered towel? Wow I’m the narrator and even I’m confused. He handed the towel over to Tim he was very confused as well. Tim looked behind himself and turned to look at jack…Jack had vanished and Tim ran in fear and two weeks later Tim had died nobody knows how and that is the story of the dark towel

Week 1 – Framed

Once in 2429 Jim and Bill (the robots)were just hovering along and suddenly two FBI agents started talking to them on hologram mode and told them to stay where they are,and so they did they waited for two hours and then they got hungry and ordered dominos pizza and then the FBI agents took them to jail but what did they do nothing there arch enemy’s billy and jimmy framed them for robbing mc Donald’s Jim and Bill decided that they would break out and so they did and they finished there dominoes but the FBI agents knew that they would break out so they covered them in quick dry cement while Jim was giving Bill the last napkin

Bomb out in Australia week18

I was on my holiday to Australia. The plane ride was awesome because the plane had it’s own computer’s-built in to it. I got to my hotel room and my jaw dropped. There was three army  men right there in front of my eyes.”I’m teribbley sorry sir but we’re in the middle of a war with the plastic in tans“.what. The plastic in tans.what is that.”You mite think it sounds stupid but they are bombing us“.have a look out the window.I saw a bomb coming threw the window so I jumped I landed on the ground but luckily I was not high up. I saw a plastic man and ran and ran and ran.

18w plastic war

I have a story that  what. Was true don’t know how to explain but I kind  of know  why. So we a plastic attack I think for throwing plastic in the sea the weird thing there were dirffent kind of colour of plastic. you might thing it might be like metal. Or brown.we had the cop come put and the cops shot  one of the metal  warriors but the  reform and I know I was their.but they made spears then  start throwing  the spears. Then this sea god came and made a   wave the city was   Flod  the sea god said stop throwing plastic in the sea


Wk 18 the plastic army from china

once there was an army of soldiers made of plastic that invaded Sydney,Australia. They thought that they were the ancient clay army of China but they weren’t because they were plastic copies made in a Chinese workshop. “We are the Chinese clay soldiers of emperor billybob biscuits.” bellowed general blue as the army gathered to attack Sydney opera house. “No”said bogus hillybib.”you are plastic.” This made admiral red angry and he tickled bogus. “Now”commanded commander yellow “attack!” And they ran to the opera house to destroy it. There admiral red went to break a mirror but saw the “PLASTIC PARTS MADE IN CHINA” mark “oh” sighed admiral red and with that they went home.


The red umpalumpaWk18

Once upon a time there was a red army called the upalumpa army . So in Australia there was a war in Sydney. So on the 31st  war stared. There were fighting over the plastic in the sea. The 3 leaders picked the squad. So 5 red umpalumpas killed 5 with a nife. The war ended. On the  6th of July .Later on the god of the sea. Then they tried to kill him. The God killed the umpalumpas. Later that day they died. The rest of the umpalumpas died. So the umpalumpas killed the god of the sea.                             The End.            To be countinued

Week 18 the plastic army

One day in Australia,there was a boy called   Jack       And he had some friends on his street,but they would try to make him do things that were not nice.So one day Jack asked his friends to go to the shop and they said ok .So they went to the shop.Then jack said where will I put my rapper,his friends said throw it in the sea.Anyway Jack  and his friends went home,but the parents always said to the kids that there was a sea god so don’t throw plastic in the sea .But the sea god had enough of people throwing plastic in the sea so he made a plastic army and made it chase everyone out of town.

The multicolored men wk18 Dylan

One apon a time there was a normal city with ordinary citizens.They did what normal people do.Like shopping,and all the other stuff that people do.But far far away.There was the multicolored people.In a planet called MULTICOLORED 2.0.They hated humans.And I mean hated humans.The multicolored army had a plan.To wipeout mankind.It was horrible.But they didn’t care.So as they got the rocket ship ready they loaded guns.While Earths army wanted to attack them so they got there rocket ship ready they loaded the same things.It was time for battle they both went different ways and caused mass destruction . They both had no planets .It was a disaster .The end

The Invasion Week18

Once apon a time there was a guy his name was Jeffery. He was a normal kid but he was very shy he had no friends. One day he and his parents  went to the beach. It was a lovely Summer day. He saw children from his class playing in the water and his mom said go and play but he  just went to play alone. He had little toy soldiers and then he. Imagined  the  soldiers come to life. WOW Jeffery said  how could this happen. Then the soldiers started marching they were invading the city. Then 1 came to Jeffery  thank you he said. Part 2 soon


Week18 horror attraction part 5

So the pale woman scratched me in face and there was a big bloody black mark on my face.So as fast as i can and slammed the door.And ran upstairs into my bed.About a year later I decided to go back in the basement and the scratch was almost gone away.So I took a deep breath and walked in and now there were multi-coulered men and they were standing looking me in the soul.One of them was whispering a weird ritual of some sort.I was shocked that the ritual that statue was saying was about me.I quickly ran out of there and again slammed the door.The next day I had school.Lateron we had to evacuate the reason why was shocking

Week 18 the red head army

It was one normal sunny day in Australia.it was around 12.00am Australian time .there is a big giant amry full of red head approaching Australia.Around 10 minutes later they were in Australia ripping and destroying building,cars,bus,and everything else.if someone didn’t   Stop them the whole country of Australia will be destroyed.so five minutes later there was a huge army of police all  around them everyone that lived in Australia thought the red head army were caught but then . The read head army stoped destroying and turned to fight against the army of police.there was a huge battle in the middle of Australia but the police one and the red head army were defeated THE END


Wk18 Old Jimbo

There use to be a man called old jimbo,He used to be described as the old cranky monster.He was tired of every one saying this.So then he decide to get revenge,he then went to the lord of the sea and asked “Can I have a favor”the man nodded yes so then old jimbo asked “can I have revenge on everyone” he nodded yes again so they tried to turn everyone to their own plastic and dirt they threw into the water. So they did but obviously old man Jenkins came to the rescue and with his trusty chiwowa he won the fight

the end

Wk 17 The girl that went missing

Once in a sad, lonely village there was a girl, she liked black holes and she and her mother lived in just a small cottage. She was very poor they lived in a place called Cattervilleit was the weirdest place I ever went to. And once she was walking in her village and she was wondering in town and then she saw a village no one has ever saw so she wanted to go in there, so she then boom boom boom she fell in a hole but how could she just disapear that was the end of the story


Wk17 The Missing Boat

In the middle of the night Jane was on a boat rid e with her four friends Jack Kile Luke and Gaybe. They were having fun on the boat dancing but as there were just about to sit down they herd a rumble in the distance. Luke went to look at what the noise was but there was nothing. They went to get the captain but he was gone in fact everybody was gone. They stared to panic and tried to get back to land but it was no hope a giant cloud appeared out of nowhere and sucked them up. But how could she just disappear?and what about her friends?

The mystery week 17

it was a wet stormy night. Sarah was walking down the alleyway coming home from the shop. She saw a bin rumbling and she went to investigate. She was scared but bravely approaching the bin. The lid opened without Sarah doing so. I…it grabbed her pulling her by her hair all I saw was big fat greasy hands and the girl screaming for help. I went to help her but it was to late. I turned in horror to see another one. I ran around it back home and climbed into the bed. The next morning the police were asking but how could she just disappear???

Week 17 Apple city

Once upon a time there was a thing called Billy .   One day one I guess they’re cheap from the firm and the family will be hundred euro.  What do you want me to send it to from them.   But how could she  disappear  and people would of went find any but she never turned up so would they can only seem to go get the army to find her .  So they had this fella got up and find she found some sheep and a dead body a brother back to the hospital or a fixed DM

Week 16 horror attraction part 4

So I opened the door of the basement and there was a empty room with a pink bicycle.I was determined to go in but there was bubbles coming from behind me oh no I said I forgot about my bath I rushed up the stairs opened the door to the bathroom and I got flushed away. Ugh I said so I got changed and back down to the basement and went in it was very dark now I mean dark you could throw light in it get sucked up I touched the bicycle and that ghost was behind me kind of embarrassing to say but I wet myself she came in and it scratched my face to be continued.

Week10 the gorilla heads

Once in magic pony town there was a  princess but no one saw her.People tried to get up the yellow bricks     of her castle and they totally didn’t fail(wink wink) (note the sarcasm) (I like putting in brackets like this) (yeahhhh).Anyways back to the story the next day every one was running around like lunatics until the princess found out why there were pony’s galloping around with gorilla heads saying give me hair to cover my bald patch. How could you have a bald patch when covered with fur?I lost my pretty horn!k man Chilax man.O yeah I forgot to tell you the princess had long fingernails because she accidentally fleshed the clippers down her posh toilet that gives you tea and buiscits.

The Scary Sleepover PART 2. Week 10

Ouick recap I went to my friends sleepover I went to the toilet  I heard something behind the door I opened it and it was a pink flamingo I ran to the room no one was there. Craig I called  Charlie I said u there the flamingo was chaseing me I stopped running and said stop you yellow flamingo . I forgot to say it was yellow isent that intreasting. Charlie hopped form under his bed and called his gorilla . What I said you have a gorilla . And a pretty one to said Charlie . We’re is cCraig  I said I donno said Charlie Crag ran into the room dramatically but he tripped over a brick.      PART 3.  COMING SOON

The booger monster WEEK10

Once apon a time something happened to my parents they here screaming so much I thought I was daydream for an hour I was thinking of I’m going back to work in school.they came over and said”THE FRIGE IS EMPTY.I was running for my life.I stop at a zoo and seen a big and I mean big it was my mom(translating a gorilla).                Then I saw a nice pretty girl I stepped up and said (in a English accent)”Hey melady offer a hand mis.”I say nice yellow jacket.we past some bricks and seen a booger monster (translating my dad) and we had our first kiss

to be continued

WK10 Another World

Come here: I want to take you somewhere. “Where?” you ask. To the world of Oz but not the one you’ve heard of. In this one Dorothy is a gorilla, a pretty gorilla.

“Where am I?” Dorothy exclaimed. “You’re in the world of Oz, dumbo,” said a little mouse. “I wanna go home,” cried Dorothy. “If you wanna get hom you gotta follow the yellow brick road,” snarled the little mouse. So she started running over the yellow bricks. She met a banana on the way; her primal gorilla instincts kicked in and she devoured it. The banana’s name was Bob. R.I.P Bob.

The End

Gold Brick

Hi my name is jack. i love gorilla but people make fun of gorillas my friends were making fun of gorillas then I got mad. Me the sometheh a yellow brick came from the sky I was like what is that and then it open it was like a watch like then I said ok I’m taking this

Off But it woun’t get of the I saw this green thing so I press on it then I transform into a fast guy. I was running at the speed of light. then I was getting good luck . Saving people even in sky but I was defeating villian well that my

Week-10 The pretty snail

There was once a pretty snail (the odd yellow snails thought that not me.) All of the odd snails were strolling after him. He was hiding behind a turkwis brick wall . He came out the snails saw him but he didn’t know that so they started strolling after him again. He got away again but this time he was in a zoo. He heard a lot of screaming . He could see a large animal in the distance it kept on getting closer and closer and closer know he could tell what it was. It was a gorilla running at him and the gorilla stepped on him . The odd snails never saw him again.

Pretty Gorilla

Once there was a pretty gorilla.But this was no ordinary gorilla.It could talk and juggle and all that stuff.And it lived by a lot of yellow bananans and right by a pile of bricks.But back to the story.The pretty gorilla had gone running for her morning run.But as she was running she saw a huge banana in a very small tree down the road.She climbed the very small tree and got the huge banana.And when she got down from the very small tree it broke!Saw she just went on eating her huge banana as the tree was on the ground.And then she got arrested.THE END

WK10The pretty gorilla

Once upon a time there was a gorilla . She thought she was pretty but to be honest she was not. One day she came across some yellow flowers.After she picked a few.   She began to walk down a strange brick path the bricks were red . she heard some leaves crunching behind her she looked back to see a strange little man when she saw him she began to start running . She looked back again and saw the little man was not very fast in fact I dont think he even moved .Then she turned around and saw him another him . She was never seen again.THE END.

Wk9 The fateful man

Once apon a time there was a little boy his name was Max he was an orphan.He was made eat gruel.He was very poor.He dreamed of being a circus man.He worked very hard.A few years later he was 18 they had to leave him go.He found a job and worked full time.But he only got payed 20 pence a day.He was now 30. But he had bearly enough money to pay his rent.One day he bought a lottery ticket it was his last euro. He watched his Tv and he was crying with happy ness he had won the lottery. He went and built a circus he was so happy.The end



The circus

Once apon a time it was 5.00pm and there was a circus on in tramore in Waterford city. it was called fossils circus.  tickets were running out fast.so go get your tickets fast before there gone.I heard  one was the  act is the gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in there mouth.its starting now the first act is the clown he was juggling water balloons and he catch one of them and it broke and spalash in his face everyone laughed. the next act was a yellow pretty gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in his mouth. everyone laughed so that was fossils circus THE END


The Sorry Boy wk10

Once there was a boy in Samsung S9 Elementary School. There was also his 2 sisters and 1 brother he didn’t like his buggy,irritating,ugly sisters.But he HATED his brother he was always wining over money,toys,and….Vbucks.But his heart was stuck to a girl in his class.Her name was angelic most pretty,magnificent ,and another but she talked a lot and I mean ALOT.Once she said she got kidnaped by a yellow gorilla.But one day she went to far there was a brick house on our street she dared me to go in.I said ok cause I liked her.But I seen something horrifying.To Be Continud……





Week9 the animals

On one Halloween night little I was in bed sleeping.He was dreaming about little ducklings riding on turtle backs with gorillas around them betting on them racing.Further in to the jungle there were pidgins pretending to be vampires.Then little I was awoken by a big loud BANG.He was shivering in his PJ’s.He was so scared. I lept out of bed to get his baseball bat that I bought only formoments like these. I went downstairs to see what exactly what was down there. I wondered what was behind the doar.The kitchen door I never thought I’d be scared of going in there.I saw in the sink a little duckling on a turtle.Then a pidgeon came and flew them away