Assassin 105

Once in a desert. There was a city. The city was called ‘assassin city’. And in this twisted city. There was a assassin called ‘assassin 105’. And assassin 105 was the best assassin ever. 1 day assassin 105 had a mission to assassinate professor crocodile. Assassin 105 was wearing a purple ninja suit. Assassin 105 was at the professor’s lab. It was difficult to get in the building with all the camera’s. Eventually assassin 105 got in the building and shot the professor. The police came. And thank god assassin 105 got out. The next day there was a paper’s around the city saying twisted assassin on the loose prise of catching is 111.0000000 what will happen next??? The end for now!!!

3 thoughts on “Assassin 105”

  1. Wow that’s a pretty mahoosive 😉 reward for the capture of the assassin Filip! I wonder if he was ever caught? And was it his decision to shoot the professor or was he hired to do it? So many questions! Keep up the good work, this is a very good story!

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