Arkham night!

It was a dark summer night and a super hero called Arkham was roaming the streets for crimes he said “I looked in front and behind. witch way” suddenly from a building he saw someone breaking into a house. He jumped down and punched him he knocked him out and threw him in his Arkham car drove him to the police station. When he got there he threw him into a sell and said in a very scary voice “what were you doing at that house what” the criminal replied. “Nothing man nothing” Arkham said back”that’s my mothers house never go back or I won’t be gust bringing you to prison” as Arkham walked away the robber was terrified.

One thought on “Arkham night!”

  1. Arkham sounds like a pretty scary guy alright Karim – I think that I’d be as terrified as the robber. Good work completing your story this week 🙂

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