The Dna of Animals

The Professor was trying to discovered  how to give people animal Dna so they can have powers. The Professor ask some hunters to get a crocodile in a tropical rainforest. A few days later  one of the hunters twisted his leg, Joel was one of the hunters, He said it was difficult to catch the crocodile. The professors assistant   Johnny was the tester. In a flash Kyle turned purple and he got sharp long teeth. It worked but his skin colour changed, It went on the news and other people wanted to try it out. He did another person and he took a bird and gave it’s Dna to his friend. It didn’t  work and he melted . 

5 thoughts on “The Dna of Animals”

  1. I like your story,it was really interesting and exciting and I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. Hi Collins
    I love the way you have used the words in this weeks prompt for the 100 word challenge to write a really good story with some very interesting twists and turns. I like the idea that the professor was trying to give animal DNA to humans but I’m glad it’s just fiction as I don’t think it would be such s good idea in real life. Well done
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Kinvara Galway

  3. Oh dear Collins! That poor second person who melted! What an interesting – and horrifying – thing to do, to mix animal and human DNA. I hope that this never happens in real life! Another great story, well done. And well done on your Showcase story last week too!

  4. Hi Collins, thank you for sharing your 100WC entry with us this week.
    Judging by your writing, I think that you have a very vivid imagination!
    Your story idea is quite interesting – very ‘science fiction’.
    I think if I were to be given animal DNA, I would probably choose a Galapagos tortoise because they are vegetarian, live for a long time and are harmless!
    What animal would you choose?
    Keep writing and sharing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

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