Wk6 Animal that came back from extinction

1982 a big eyed Lemers were thought to have been extinct. But at 2003 an archaeologist group were looking for big eyed Lemers just to show the world that big eyed Lemers are not extinct. The archaeologist have been in the Amazon rainforest for several days but the next day they have heard a weird noise coming from the forest they quickly got out of there tents . Suddenly they saw a family of big eyed Lemers feeding on mangoes. They quickly took a picture of them . 1 year later after the archaeologist group discovered that big eyed Lemers were not excited.

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  1. WOW Faustas amazing story, I think I learned more about animals now. You made me feel like I was in a virtual reality Forest. I think you were supposed to say extinct at the end, but nevertheless it was fantastic good work and keep it up!


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