And it is a…….

This thing is not alive. It used by Adults and chilldren. It is useful for learning and finding. Its an electronic divice. Chilldren like to play games on this. Adults use this not alot. It is a thing you use a mouse for. The first letter is l and last letter is p. This can get a virus. You can watch a DVD on this. You can search websites on this. You have google on the divice. So what do you think it is. You use internet on this. So what so you think it is? Well….. it is a…….(read the link to  this story) Bye!!!

5 thoughts on “And it is a…….”

  1. Hmmmm I wonder what it could be Filip! I think you gave it away with the first and last letters…. is it… lip? I’m joking, I think I figured out what it is. Good work on the description!

  2. Hi Filip,
    I like your description but you gave it away by saying the letter starts with L and ends with a P and I think it’s a laptop and keep up the good work.Please comment on my story at hptss://

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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