Ailwee Caves

When I was on my holidays in Galway ,I went to Clare to visit the Ailwee Caves.It was raining very heavily that day.When we got there we had to wait a few minutes for our tour guide to come.We went into the caves ,and due to the heavy rain ,she told us the caves were a bit flooded.When we got into the caves,we saw bear bones that have been preserved for 70 years.So what lies ahead of the caves?We came across 29 steps but it was so wet,we only made it down 9.We finished the tour and headed back straight back to Galway.

5 thoughts on “Ailwee Caves”

  1. Ah Sean. I loved this story as it brought back very many happy memories of when I was a child. I’ve visited those caves with my parents and brother and sister many years ago and you’ve described them exactly as I remember them.

  2. Well done Se├ín on your great piece of writing. It can be hard to write with only 100 words but you manage to describe the Ailwee Caves brilliantly. I enjoyed your writing and you’ve got me thinking I must go back to the Ailwee Caves again – but maybe not when it’s raining.
    Keep up the good work
    Shane – Dublin, Ireland
    (Team100 WC)

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