Ahh its a …..shoe?

One day. I was going thorough this Dark tunnel when I saw a shoe it looked cool.then I picked up the shoe I was wonder who left this here.so I went through 10miles. After 5miles I heard a noise.but there was nothing here.then I saw the shoe it had theth scary eyes so,what lies ahead of this shoe I ran and dropped the shoe and it and legs comeing for me.I was in light the shoe went back in the dark tunnel and then I put a signe and do not pick up shoe well the end?

6 thoughts on “Ahh its a …..shoe?”

  1. I like your story when you start in a spooky way but do’nt forget your punctuation and capital letters.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

  2. Hi Alekss, great story with a scary twist. I wonder what would happen if the shoe caught you?

    Sherry (Team 100)

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