A DAY IN Tramore by Caedyn

Well and I thought well what a start when I got flung across the amusements all day long. My favourite was the rollercoaster and it was held up by bricks. it was super fast one of the fastest rides in Tramore  I went on a disc thing that went around and around in circles the tea cups made me super dizzy. I Almost vomited and the fun house was crazy fun. it had boxing bags and slides and big balls and the tea cup made me dizzy. After that I went to Dooleys for fish and chips.

6 thoughts on “A DAY IN Tramore by Caedyn”

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge Caedyn! I’ve heard lots of people talking about Tramore and what fun they had last week. You sound like you had a great time too. I don’t like rides that make me dizzy – but fish and chips would certainly bring some smiles! Good work on your story this week, well done!

  2. Hi Caedyn. You’ve used the prompt to tell a great story. What a day you had! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to venture up on a Rollercoaster that was supported just by bricks though! I think the fish and chips from Dooleys would have been the best bit for me.

  3. Well done Caedyn. Your story reminds me of my holidays to Tramore. The best bit of a day out was definitely chips from Dooleys, eaten on the beach, except if the tide had come in!
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Well Caedyn that certainly was a good start! What a fun subject to pick to base your 100 word challenge on. I’m like your teacher – the rides just make me dizzy and very ill so I generally don’t go near them. Great writing, I almost felt dizzy reading your work as your descriptions of the rides and how they made you feel were very effective. Keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100 WC

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