A bomb of bulb

One day there was a bomb. I was going to the statue but I saw a plane going into the bomb. I was scared to run because if you are near u are not to move so .I called Help please but the plane near but someone saw me but they said we have to destroy the bomb so I was scared but the plane was a A TOY PLANE everyone was happy it was not a real plane but I was out so I had to open a shop so I did well THE END

4 thoughts on “A bomb of bulb”

  1. Hi Alex’s I love your story I like the way when everyone was happy hope you make more stories like this cool story

  2. Thank goodness it was only a toy plane Alekss! I hope that the bomb was also a toy bomb! Good work, well done.

  3. Great story i liked the part were the plane was going to crash into the bomb.
    But it was a toy plane funny story.great work

    from TOM

  4. I like the way you ended you story,it was really cool and I hope you keep the good work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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