WK28: The Unfinished Statue

Once, there was rich man named Mike. He wanted to build a statue of himself in the forest. Mike called a group of builders to build the statue for him.The builders took 2 weeks for them to build the wooden statue.

After the builders built the statue, a colourful woodpecker came to the statue. The woodpecker pecked the statue then the statue fell down. The only part left of the statue, was its legs.

Next, Mike came back to the forest to see his wooden statue. By the time he got there, it was a mess. Mike wanted to build another but he thought to himself it’s be a waste of money to build another one. 

11 thoughts on “WK28: The Unfinished Statue”

  1. Hi Fortune
    I really liked your story. I love how you used the the rich man. I am wounder dose Mike have a wife. How long dose it take you to think of the great ideas. Please write to me and i will commit on your next story bye.

  2. Hi Fortune,
    Great story, how sad would you be if your story was about you.
    I have one last question, where the builders there when it got pecked down, or did they leave because if it was the first thing I would be laughing for ages if it is very funny

  3. Hi Fortune,
    That story reminds me of the time where a tree fell down and and it looked like it had legs
    Hope you win a special showcase.

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